Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fire and Ice This Winter

Of course there's massive snow in the Northeast. Anyone familiar with Flying Stars feng shui could see this coming.

Dec. 7 through Jan. 5 the Water Star is in the Northeast. This time of year (winter) means the water will be in the form of snow and ice. The peak of this cycle was Dec. 22, just after the winter storms hit the Northeastern part of the United States.

Next month the Water Star will be in the South meaning that the Southern states (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma) could experience greater snowfall than usual particularly since the Disaster Star is in the South from Feb. 2008 until Feb. 2009. Watch for news of major pileups and other disasters in that part of the country.

This also happens to be the time of year for flu outbreaks. The Illness Star for the year is in the Northwest but the monthly Illness Star is in the South. The outbreaks may begin in the South this month but be stronger in the Northwestern states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho)next month when the Robbery Star lands there to combine with the Illness Star leaving people feeling 'robbed' of their health.

High fevers are a worry from Jan. 6 to Feb. 3 for people living in the Northwest, too, because the Robbery/Illness Star combo creates fire energy and the NW represents the head. Fire in the head indicates high fevers.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Disasterous events indicated through feng shui

Two prominent children appeared in the news this week. First, Caylee Anthony’s body found in the woods near her home and a few days later Adam Walsh’s killer identified. There is a feng shui link that these two children share.

First let’s look at Adam Walsh. This little boy was 6 years old when he was taken from a mall in Miami, FL and murdered by Ottis Toole. When I looked at the birthdays of Adam and Ottis I found that they both have the exact same energy number.

Back in 1981, the year Adam was killed he and Ottis both had Conflict stars on their relationship direction for the year. The month Adam was murdered he an Ottis both had Disaster stars on their Relationship direction. This combination of conflict and disaster energy ended up sealing both Adam and Ottis fate that July.

When you have conflict and disaster on your relationship direction at the same time it usually means a big argument or blow up of some kind. This energy can bring an end to a relationship and even though Adam didn’t know Ottis the kidnapping created a relationship between them – one that turned deadly.

Caylee Anthony has a different energy number than her mother yet they both have personal feng shui that when combined paints a picture.

Caylee’s relationship direction has an Illness star on it for 2008. The Illness star is also associated with Mother energy and since it was on her relationship direction it indicates Caylee would have an unhealthy relationship with her mother this year.

Casey Anthony, Caylee’s mother, has a Disaster star on her Relationship direction meaning something disasterous could happen with one of her relationships. The way this played out for her was the death of her daughter.

During the month that Caylee was killed she had a Conflict Star on her relationship direction. This Conflict star for the month with the Illness star for the year creates what’s called bullfight sha or arguments.

That same month Casey Anthony had the Windfall star on her relationship direction indicating something disasterous would happen to her relationships out of the blue. Looking at Caylee and Casey’s energy at that time I would guess that if Casey did kill her daughter it’s likely that it was in a fit of rage and this rage sent her over the edge unexpectedly resulting in her daughter’s death.

But why would Caylee’s body and Adam Walsh’s killer both be discovered at the same time this past week? For that we can look at the feng shui energy for the state of Florida.

For the year Florida has the Fame star on it meaning that events that happen here will bring national or international attention sometime during the year. Both Caylee and Adam Walsh’s cases are certainly high profile events.

The timing of the discovery of Caylee and the identification of Adam’s killer has to do with the Windfall star landing in the SE during December. This star means that some unexpected event will happen out of the blue. Caylee Anthony’s body was discovered unexpectedly in the woods by a utility worker and the news that Adam Walsh’s killer had been positively identified also came unexpectedly.

Most people think that feng shui is about decorating your home. But the more you know about feng shui energy the more you can use it as a tool for other things, like explaining past events and being aware of future challenges and opportunities.

Friday, December 12, 2008

How December's feng shui can affect you

December's Flying Stars are more balanced than last month, but is still on the yin side. The bagua above shows the feng shui energy and locations for December.

The guas (or squares) that will affect you the most are those that are tied to your Personal Best Directions, the one where your bedroom is located, the one where your office is located and the one where your main door is located.

The challenging guas and beneficial guas are more even this month. But it's still more of a yin (passive energy) month.

If you draw an outline of your office or home floor plan and then put a tic-tac-toe symbol over it you will have the bagua for your building. (There's actually a little more to it than this but in general this will work for you.) Once you have this you can label the directions so you know which energy will affect the different guas of your office or home.

The easiest way to activate the positive guas is to keep these areas busy. Have the kids play here, hold meetings in this area of your office and if your front door is in a positive gua that will stir up the energy, too.

You can reduce the effects of the negative guas by keeping these areas quiet. If possible, don't use these areas at all because the more activity you have here the more you will stir up the energy that will create the challenges you see here in the chart.

For example, if your main door is in the Southeast try to use it as much as possible this month to attract an unexpected opportunity or windfall. If your front door is in the Southwest it's better if you use a different door to come and go from your home or business to avoid losing money or having people steal from you.

An easier way to activate the beneficial guas and cure the negative ones is to place your feng shui activations and cures. That way you don't have to worry about whether you need to be in or avoid certain rooms each month.

You can get your feng shui cures and activations each month in my Time Feng Shui for 2008 subscription.

"Yesterday our fountain finally arrived (the one for this month's wealth cure). It was the final cure we were missing for November. All three of us put the fountain together yesterday evening and this morning I placed the quartz crystal on it. Later in the morning we had a major sale for my husband and this evening for me. THANKS!" ---Tania F., Asheville, NC

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bad Timing for Christian Slater

Do you remember the post I made on Oct. 16 saying that Christian Slater's new t.v. show, My Own Worst Enemy, wouldn't be successful because of the timing of his Flying Stars for the month?

Well, I found this article about his show this week on TVSeriesFinale.com:
"Though it was promoted ad nauseum during the coverage of the Summer Olympics, NBC could find few friends for their My Own Worst Enemy series. The TV show has been cancelled after airing just four episodes."

Just goes to show you that timing can be everything. Make sure you have your timing down by picking the right date for your next important event here: http://www.palmbeachfengshui.com/catalog/item/5137279/6429776.htm

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Airport Robbed by Flying Stars

Did you happen to hear about the anti-government protesters that partially shut down the Bangkok airport last week? It was kind of an obscure article on the CNN News this week but what made it jump out at me was the fact that an aviation expert said that this protest was another of the long list of problems that had plagued the terminal since it opened 2 years ago. Apparently it almost collapsed when it opened and there’s a laundry list of other really horrendous issues with the airport that never seems to end.

For me that screamed BAD FENG SHUI, especially since these problems have been going on since the beginning. So I had to look at the layout of the terminal and the administration building. Thank goodness for Google maps because they make it really easy for me to do this kind of work.

As it turns out the building and terminal face about NNE and since it was built in 2006 that puts a Robbery star on Relationships and health and another one on money.

Whenever I go to a clients house that has this combination on it I know that money has been a real struggle for them and that their marriage is on the brink of divorce because the double robbery star robs you of everything money, relationships, health, friends – pretty much whatever you can think of this combination steals it right out from under you.

So that’s what’s happening with the Bangkok airport too and you want to know the worst part about it? This combination is pretty much impossible to cure. You can reduce its effects but its robbery will continue to steal from you as long as you live or work there –just to a lesser degree. The best solution is to move or to hire a contractor and move your door to a better location.

If you happen to know anyone in administration at the Bangkok airport tell them my advice is to move their front door. If they could turn the entire airport that would be even better but that ain’t happenin’ I’m sure.

This also brings up another point. If you’re looking to move to a new home or into a new office make sure you get the Flying Stars feng shui checked out on it FIRST because if they’re bad, like the Bangkok airport, then you’re pretty much screwed from day one.

The reason I’m being so blunt is that I’d rather see you make the right decision from the start than make a bad decision and have to try to fix it later.

I do LOTS of distance consultations for business people looking for new offices so I can help you out with this. Just go to my website: http://www.palmbeachfengshui.com/ and click on Feng Shui Consultations to find out more about it.

Southern Exposure

For the past several weeks I've noticed more and more businesses closing up shop in the strip malls around town. The other thing I've noticed is that the majority of the stores that have closed their doors have front doors that face south. Why is that? Well, this year the Disaster Star sits in the south and this star is associated with unexpected upheaval, bankruptcy, and in the case of a business it can mean the end of your business/closure.

I drove by several strip malls that had stores facing different directions and while there were stores that had gone out of business in all the directions between 60 and 75% of the stores that had closed in each strip mall faced south.

Now, if you have a business with a door that faces south does that mean you're going to go bankrupt? Of course not, but in a year when the Disaster Star sits on your front door the odds go way up.

There is a feng shui solution for this Star along with the other negative Stars (Illness, Conflict and Robbery). When you remedy the Disaster Star it dampens it's impact by about 80 percent and oftentimes it can result in a positive transformation for you and/or your business.

Don't let negative feng shui stars control your life. Sign up for Time Feng Shui for 2008 here and get all the right feng shui remedies so you can take charge of your success. Remember to put your December Time Feng Shui activations and cures in place this Sunday, Dec. 7.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paula Goodspeed's Extreme Feng Shui

You probably heard about the very unfortunate incident that took place outside of Paula Abdul’s home this past week.

An obsessed fan by the name of Paula Goodspeed pulled up in front of Abdul’s home and committed suicide. Goodspeed’s body was found in her car.

This was such a shocking event and so tragic for not only Paula Goodspeed’s family but also Paula Abdul that I had to take a look at their personal feng shui for the month to see if there were any clues in the Flying Stars and sure enough, there were.

Paula Goodspeed was 30 years old when she died and the energy on her personal best directions this month helped to fuel her mental illness even more.

I should tell you that the Flying Stars energy on your 4 best directions doesn’t mean that terrible things will happen or even that great things will happen when the Flying Stars are positive. These Stars only provides fertile ground for possibilities, both positive and negative to occur, depending on whether their energy is favorable or unfavorable.

If you’ve already taken steps to create certain situations or attract specific people into your life then the Flying Stars energy is much more likely to set things in motion for you.

Looking at Paula Goodspeed’s 4 best directions I see a lot of heavy negative energy for her this month. Her Relationship direction has a Double Illness Star on it this month and it happens to be in the Northwest, which is rules the head. Whenever I see this I tell people to watch for headaches or injuries to the head. But it also means mental illness.

Since Goodspeed was already considered mentally ill the Double Illness star just compounded the situation for her, literally bringing the problem to a head (no pun intended). And since it was on Her Relationship direction the mental illness was destined to affect her Relationships, meaning her family and the relationship she believed she had with Paula Abdul.

On top of that her Success direction has a Star combination that is associated with arguments between women this month. If she had tried to contact Paula Abdul it is likely that she would have been denied access and Goodspeed would have been angry about it.

And lastly, and most sadly, Paula Goodspeed had a combination Disaster and Robbery star on her Wisdom direction. The Robbery Star usually means something is taken away from you but it also represents small weapons like guns and knives. The Disaster Star usually brings very difficult challenges to people that lead to some kind of transformation but it can also mean death as it did for Goodspeed.

This combination of small weapons and death on her Wisdom direction indicates that she would make a decision that would cost her her life and it did.

But how does Paula Abdul’s feng shui factor into all of this? Well, Her Relationship direction has the Windfall Star on it in November. The Windfall Star means something lands in your lap out of the blue and since it’s on her Relationship direction it would come through someone she knows. The suicide outside her home was certainly unexpected and it came through her relationships because Goodspeed was an unwelcome fan who had stalked Paula for years. Paula knew exactly who she was.

Additionally Paula Abdul has a Star combination on her Health direction this month associated with Bad luck. This would indicate that Paula is likely to be affected by this event mentally and emotionally for some time to come, which is quite understandable.

She also has a star combination on her Success direction this month that brings mental stress and a feeling of emotional overload.

On top of that Paula’s front door is in the Northwest and this month the Northwest is tied to mental illness. It’s no wonder that Goodspeed, who was mentally ill, would take her own life at Paula’s front door.

When you look at Paula Goodspeed’s feng shui challenges with mental health and disasterous decisions for her life combined with Paula Abdul’s personal feng shui of mental and emotional stress out of the blue through her Relationships, in this case a fan of hers, you can see how their personal feng shui ties together.

I happen to know that Paula Abdul uses feng shui in her home because I know her feng shui consultant personally. My understanding is that she does not use Time Feng Shui. Although she could not have prevented the tragedy that happened this week knowing how to cure the negative stars in her personal best directions could have kept it from happening in front of her home which would have helped reduce the impact this event has had on her.

Now, there many other people in the world with Paula Abdul and Paula Goodspeed’s same personal best directions and they didn’t experience suicide or have someone kill themselves on their front doorstep.

That’s because feng shui is a catalyst that allows events that are already in play to unfold. Imagine wanting to grow a beautiful tomato plant with lush ripe tomatoes. You’ve prepared your garden and suddenly a wonderful rain shower comes in to water your garden. If you don’t have any seeds planted then no amount of rain is going to produce a tomato plant. But if the seeds have been planted (meaning you’re using your Human Luck) then the rain (your feng shui) will support the growth of your tomatoes.

Take charge of your garden by setting up your 4 personal best directions and using monthly feng shui so that you get the best possible results for your life.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 2008 Feng Shui

This month may feel a little more challenging than last month for some of us due to the feng shui energy combination for the month and the year. The feng shui energy and locations for November are shown in the ba gua on the left.

The guas (or squares) that will affect you the most are those that are tied to your Personal Best Directions, the one where your bedroom is located, the one where your office is located and the one where your main door is located.

As you can see the challenging guas outnumber the beneficial guas this month. But that's yin and yang for you. Some months will be more yin and others will be more yang. This happens to be a yin month.

If you draw an outline of your office or home floor plan and then put a tic-tac-toe symbol over it you will have the bagua for your building. (There's actually a little more to it than this but in general this will work for you.) Once you have this you can label the directions so you know which energy will affect the different guas of your office or home.

The easiest way to activate the positive guas is to keep these areas busy. Have the kids play here, hold meetings in this area of your office and if your front door is in a positive gua that will stir up the energy, too.

You can reduce the effects of the negative guas by keeping these areas quite. If possible, don't use these areas at all because the more activity you have here the more you will stir up the energy that will create the challenges you see here.

For example, if your main door is in the East try to use it as much as possible this month to attract more abundance to your business or career. If your front door is in the Southeast it's better if you use a different door to come and go from your home or business.

Another way to activate the beneficial guas and cure the negative ones is to place your feng shui activations and cures. You can get these each month in my Time Feng Shui for 2008 subscription.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Politics and The View

The other day I turned on the t.v. and on almost every station they were talking about the argument between Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar over Sarah Palin. Elizabeth is a staunch supporter of McCain while Joy is solidly in Obama's camp. What a contrast to this photo of happier days!

That made me wonder what their personal feng shui looked like for October. I almost fell out of my chair when I discovered that Elizabeth shares the EXACT SAME personal energy number as McCain and Joy shares the EXACT SAME personal energy number as Obama. No wonder they can't agree with each other or even agree to disagree.

Of the two Elizabeth has been catching the most flack for her remarks and behavior much like McCain is catching the most flack for his negative campaigning. Their personal feng shui for October says it all.

This year the Disaster Star sits in Elizabeth's Relationship direction. The same goes for McCain. That means that getting people to support you is going to be a real challenge.

On top of that during October the Relationship Star lands in their Relationship direction as well. Normally, the Relationship Star is beneficial but when you combine it with the Disaster Star for 2008 you get hostile, angry relationships. It doesn't matter whether you're right, you're wrong, you're nice or you're mean -- people are not going to be receptive to you. And clearly, that's what Elizabeth and McCain are experiencing this month. Too bad they don't know feng shui.
If you know your 4 best directions, and the feng shui energy for the year and the month you can set up your remedies to reduce the effects of the negative stars and activate your positive stars to help you even more.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Britney's Bad Feng Shui

The poor girl just can't get a break. Legal problems seem to follow her like a black cloud lately and now a jury is deciding whether Britney Spears should go to jail for driving without a valid license.

The feng shui energy on her Relationship direction this year says it all. Britney's Relationship direction happens to be West and in 2008 there is a Conflict Star sitting smack dab on top of it.

On top of that, during the month of October there is an Illness Star in the West, too. When you combine the Conflict Star with the Illness Star you get something called 'Bullfight Sha' or fighting energy. The biggest arguments to watch for are between mothers and sons but it can affect anyone.

When this energy is on your Relationship direction you want to 1) make sure you get your monthly and yearly feng shui cures in place because this will cut the energy back significantly and 2) avoid confrontation and arguments because the negative energy here will just add fuel to the fire.

The other challenge Britney faces with the timing of the trial this month is that there is another Conflict Star in her Wisdom direction that mixes with the Relationship Star for 2008.

This indicates that she may be hostile to the advice she's getting from the people around her or that people around her (the jury) may be angry about her lack of judgment about driving without a valid license.

When you have bullfight sha and relationship conflict you don't want people to be deciding your fate in court. You also want to take control of this energy rather than let it control you.

By the way, do you want to know why her career and marriage hit the skids back in 2003? Her Success and Partnership areas are missing in the house she bought in Beverly Hills at that time. Not too long after she moved in her both her marriage and career started falling apart and she hasn't been able to recover.

She just put the house up for sale so hopefully she'll pick a better house next time.

Don't be a Britney. Instead get 4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life and Fatten Up Your Wallet so you can feng shui your 4 best directions. Then order Time Feng Shui for 2008 to take control of the monthly and yearly energy that affects your 4 best directions.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Was feng shui his own worst enemy?

Christian Slater, Harvey Keitel and Dennis Hopper are all making career comebacks this year with the start of the new television season.

Christian has been out of the Hollywood scene for about the past 10 years. It was August 1997 when his addictions to drugs and alcohol peaked his problems with the law when he was arrested for an attack on his girlfriend and sentenced to rehab and probation.

At that time his personal feng shui wasn't working in his favor. His Wisdom direction, which is assoicated with learning and making wise decisions for yourself, had an Illness star for the year and a Disaster star for the month of August.

This combination inflates and magnifies health problems (mental, emotional and/or physical) that already exist. The result is that your health can get out of control to the point that you have to face the problem head on and deal with it.

On top of that his Health direction had a Robbery star for the year and a Conflict Star for the month. A Robbery/Conflict combination almost always means legal problems and, as it turns out, Slater was arrested and sentenced for his behavior.

It's no wonder no one wanted to touch him with a 10 foot pole. But time has a way of erasing people's memory --- and changing your feng shui.

This year he has a much better combination working for him with the Fame star on his Wisdom direction, the Leadership star on his Success direction and the Long-term Abundance star on his Relationship direction.

But October is not the best month for his new show, My Own Worst Enemy, to make its debut. This month there is a Disaster Star on his Career and a Robbery Star on his Relationship direction. So while it's a good year for him to make a comeback it's a really bad month to launch his new show. September would have been much better and so would November.

When you know the best timing to launch your new business, products, websites, or even start promotions you have an edge on your success. Learn to work with your best directions so you can get going at the right time rather than letting time be your own worst enemy.

Order 4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life and Fatten Up Your Wallet to set up your 4 best directions. Then subscribe to Time Feng Shui for 2008 to work with the monthly and yearly energy that affects your 4 best directions.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Forensic Feng Shui: OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery 13 years to the day after his first trial.

When I looked at OJ's best directions and the energy there for 2008 and for 1995 I could see why he was convicted this time and not for the double murders.

OJ Simpson's Success direction is SW. Back in 1995 the Flying Star on his Success direction for the year was Long-Term Abundance. This is a very powerful star on it's own. Additionally, at the time of his conviction the Prosperity Star landed in the SW, too.

This combination of long-term abundance with prosperity meant that no harm could come to him and that he would be assured of success. In this case, successfully winning his trial.

He also had an extremely powerful star combination on his Relationship direction. The annual Relationship star was in the west that year and at his trial the Unexpected Windfall star landed in the west. This means that you're relationships are going to bring you some kind of unexpected benefits.

Between the positive stars in his Success and Relationship directions for the year and for the month there was no way he could lose. In feng shui there is no judgement between right and wrong, there is only energy. And OJ had the best possible energy working for him at that time.

Now, when I look at his energy for 2008 I see something completely different.

This year the Robbery star is in his Success direction and Robbery means a loss of somekind. Interestingly enough, it is also associated with small weapons and Simpson used a gun in his robbery attempt in Las Vegas.

On top of this the monthly Robbery star landed in his Success direction, too. Double Robbery assures you of some kind of loss. And since it is on his Success direction it means losing his court case.

He also has a double Conflict star for the year and for the month in his Relationship direction meaning it is not a time to enter into agreements or try to collaborate on projects. They will just end on a bad note.

This combination of robbery on Success and conflict on Relationships is a lose/lose proposition. There's no way to win...and he didn't. Again, it's not about judgement it's about energy.

Don't let the energy of your best directions control you the way it has OJ Simpson and everyone else. Instead, learn to work with it. You have the ability to enhance the positive energy and eliminate the bad with the right feng shui tools.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Anonymous complainers

You’ll get a kick out of this. I got this e-mail while I was gone last week:

So, if you can predict the election, why couldn’t you have forseen the American economic meltdown? Just wondering how good you really are, that you’d miss this major event.

There was no signature so I looked up the .com part of the address to see if I could find a website and here’s what I found:

Anonymous complainers
Those who complain about FSUR (whether here, or places like Amazon.com) but don’t want to leave their name have three problems:
They are comfortable with lying, because writing anonymously is lying about who they are.
What they say is worthless because they don’t believe in themselves enough to express courage for their convictions.
There’s no discussion because they don’t want it.
I have no respect for such spineless wimps and neither should you.

Apparently, anonymous complaining doesn’t apply to her e-mails to other people!

Anyway, to answer the question, I'm not psychic (sigh). I just use feng shui to comment on events that are already in the news. It's not rocket science and it's not "mystical" because anyone who knows 8 Mansions feng shui and Flying Stars can do the exact same thing. Darn.

I wish I could claim that I had special powers. If I do become psychic I'll be sure to let everyone know, though.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hanging Chads and Feng Shui

A few weeks ago we talked about a type of feng shui called Flying Stars Feng Shui and the feng shui personal best directions of Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin. I wrote that based on the Success and Relationship directions for each of these people and the Flying Stars energy on those directions during the election that feng shui energy of the McCain/Palin ticket is much stronger which would indicate that they would win the election.

If you remember back to last week's article Flying Stars feng shui is great for evaluating upcoming events. In Flying Stars Feng Shui there are 9 Stars. Each Star has it's own unique type of energy and these are:
Career Star - associated with cash flow from your career and academic success
Illness Star - associated with mental, emotional and physical health problems
Conflict Star - associated with lawsuits, arguments, divorce, disagreements, bankruptcy
Relationship Star - associated with networking, partnerships, friendships
Disaster Star - associated with unexpected disasters including major illnesses, accidents, loss of wealth, unforseen trouble, obstacles
Wealth Star - associated with promotions, leadership, unexpected windfalls
Robbery Star - associated with theft, arguments, power struggles, bankruptcy
Long-Term Wealth Star- associated with long-term prosperity, long-term investments, good fortune
Joy Star - associated with recognition, fame, happy marriage

Here are the Success and Relationship directions for the candidates in this year's election:

Obama McCain Biden Palin
Success South SE North West
Relationships SE South East SW

Looking at Obama and McCain's Success and Relationship directions you can see that they mirror each other. This is a very good indication about why they are so close in the polls. The energy for them this year is identical, it's just represented in different areas. If you were to just look at the energy of these two men without taking into consideration their running mates it would be very hard to determine who would win. It's a virtual tie.

That's where Biden and Palin come in to swing the vote. Their directions are different from Obama and McCain and they're different from each other. This creates a clearer image of the election outcome. The best way to look at this is to review the monthly Flying Stars for Nov. 4:

Obama McCain Biden Palin
Success Relationship L/T Wealth Disaster Illness
Relationships L/T Wealth Relationship Robbery Wealth

Obama and McCain have the same energy affecting them for the election but McCain has an edge over Obama this month because the Relationship Star falls on his Relationship direction at the election. This makes him much more attractive to the public at this time. Also, the L/T Wealth Star sitting in his Success direction indicates good fortune for his career.

Although Obama has the same monthly Stars as McCain the fact that they are flipped makes a difference because they're not as strong this way. Additionally, Biden has very negative Stars on his Success and Relationship directions on Nov. 4 indicating disaster as it relates to his career and struggles in his relationships.

Palin's numbers are mixed, but the Illness and Wealth stars are much better than Disaster and Robbery. In fact the Wealth Star indicates and unexpected windfall through her relationships. If the election is decided on Nov. 4 then McCain/Palin will win.

But here's the twist. The past two presidential elections have been extremely close. In fact, you may remember Palm Beach County being the butt of a number of jokes because of the "hanging chad" problems with our voting system. Well, folkes, the problem hasn't been fixed and the last two local elections in Palm Beach County have resulted in double counting votes, losing election ballots and lawsuits over a very close race between two county judges.

If the Presidential election is neck and neck again this year then the winner of the race may not be decided until several days after the actual election. In that case the Flying Stars would be completely different. Beginning Nov. 7 the Flying Stars change to this:

Obama McCain Biden Palin
Success Conflict Robbery Relationship Career
Relationships Robbery Conflict Wealth Disaster

Do you notice how a fight over the election shows up in Obama and McCains Stars for the month? They both have Conflict and Robbery Stars in their directions. Unless the Nov. 4 election is a landslide a fight over the White House will definitely happen.

But the Stars favor Biden over Palin. Biden has the Relationship Star on his Success and the Wealth Star, which is also associated with unexpected windfalls, in his Relationship direction. Palin has a strong Star in her Success direction but her Relationship Star is very challenging. In this scenario, meaning a decision over who wins the White House, Obama/Biden would win because Biden's Stars are much stronger than Palin's at this time.

This information isn't to sway your decision but rather to show you how Flying Stars affect people's lives. By all means vote for the candidates you feel would best lead the country. So few countries allow citizens to have a say in government that we should appreciate and use this priviledge.

At the same time, be aware of how Flying Stars energy is affecting you in your life so that you can determine when to carry out specific plans or events. Now is a great time for you to set up your 4 best directions and apply Flying Stars activations and remedies to enhance your life.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Forensic Feng Shui: Flying Stars and Hurricane Ike

Flying Stars Feng Shui is a great tool for determining the timing of events. In Flying Stars Feng Shui there are 9 Stars. Each Star has it's own unique type of energy and these are:

  1. Career Star - associated with cash flow from your career and academic success
  2. Illness Star - associated with mental, emotional and physical health problems
  3. Conflict Star - associated with lawsuits, arguments, divorce, disagreements, bankruptcy
  4. Relationship Star - associated with networking, partnerships, friendships
  5. Disaster Star - associated with unexpected disasters including major illnesses, accidents, loss of wealth, unforseen trouble, obstacles
  6. Wealth Star - associated with promotions, leadership, unexpected windfalls
  7. Robbery Star - associated with theft, arguments, power struggles, bankruptcy
  8. Long-Term Wealth Star- associated with long-term prosperity, long-term investments, good fortune
  9. Joy Star - associated with recognition, fame, happy marriage
Each one of these stars sits in a specific location for the year. The image in the upper left hand corner shows where these Stars are located in 2008.

Now, in addition to these stars having a fixed location for the year, there are a second set of these same Flying Stars that move each month. So, in reality there are 2 Flying Stars in each location: one that is there for the whole year and another one that changes every month.

For the month of September the chart in the upper right hand corner shows you what the Flying Stars look like with both the annual Flying Stars and the monthly Flying Stars together.

Every year there is one month when the annual Stars and the monthly Stars land in the same location. For 2008 this month is September. When the good Stars, like Long-Term Wealth, Career, Relationship or Wealth double up that means the opportunity to experience the effect of those Stars is much stronger, particularly if you sleep or work in the area of your home or office that holds those Stars.

This month working or sleeping in the NE, East, North, SE or Center of your home or office is ideal. If one of your personal best directions happens to be where these double positive stars land that is beneficial for you, too.

The flip side of this is when the negative Stars double up. That can create major problems for you, particularly if you work or sleep in these areas. If you can avoid working or sleeping in the South, SW, West or NW areas of your home or office this month that would be great.

In any case, you can always activate the positive Stars to trigger their energy even more AND you can remedy the negative Stars to minimize their effects. Whenever you have double negative Stars together, like this month, I always recommend going a little bigger with your remedies because the negative energy of these Stars together is very dense. On the plus side the energy of positive Stars is also very strong so even a small activation can produce very positive results. (Sign up for Time Feng Shui 2008 to get your remedies and activations for the month and year by clicking here.)

The effects of Flying Stars isn't limited to your home or your office. They affect the country and the planet as well. This month we've already seen the effects of the Disaster Star in the South in the form of Hurricane Ike.

If you look at a map of the United States you'll see that the South is made up of New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Because of the double Disaster Star energy in the South this month this areas was ripe for this kind of natural disaster. (By the way, positive and negative Stars usually show up as good weather or bad weather/natural disaster when you're looking at countries.) As it turns out, Ike is expected to move through part of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas before completely dissapating.

Although Hurricane Ike brought with it mass destruction it will probably result in a transformation of this part of the country, not just in terms of physical aspects like new buildings and homes but also on a deeper level. This is because the Disaster Star brings about a sudden unexpected shift that helps people make changes in their lives that they would not otherwise have pursued but that are beneficial in the long run.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pandemic Flu - Another Y2K or Future Deadly Reality

There have been a number of articles and information that has come out in the past 18 months on the potential for another worldwide pandemic virus. Government and health officials estimate that between 50 and 100 million people could die if such a deadly virus were to spread. To read more you can click on these links:




Like the Y2K issue the best approach is for us to be proactive. If you meditate, pray or use other spiritual methods to bring peace and prosperity to yourself and the Earth then add a healing component to your daily routine as well.

On top of that, be prepared. One of my Feng Shui and Spiritual Masters gives this advice:
Make sure you have these 2 homeopathic remedies in your home:
1. Gelsenium
2. Eupatorium perfolatum both in 6c or 30c
Use them both alternating and stay in bed when the flue hits you for 5 days

This were the remedies that were used successfully for the pandemic flu in 1918
Instead of 30 to 50 percent dead people from the flu only 1% of the population died in Switzerland.

Also take in bryonia and aconite and drink acid free water.

Is a pandemic the next Y2K? Maybe, but taking steps to be proactive sure beats waiting around to fing out!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Why McCain and Palin Will Take the White House


As promised in last week's newsletter I ran an analysis on the McCain/Palin ticket as soon as the announcement broke last week. From a feng shui perspective she looks like a good pick. She happens to be a West group person, which is yin (female energy), and McCain is East Group, which is yang (male energy). Since she's female and he's male it's already a good combo from a balance of energy standpoint.

The timing of picking her is excellent. Her Relationship direction is associated with long-term success this month and investing for the long-term. Additionally her Success direction for August is all about creating professional relationships. Because there is an annual Robbery Star on her Relationship direction and a Conflict Star on her Success direction for 2008 she probably wasn't the first choice, but the timing of the decision was definitely in her favor.

At the time of the election she will have the star associated with unexpected windfalls on her Relationship direction, which is positive. However, there is an Illness Star on her Success direction that month that combines with the annual Conflict Star. This creates what's known as "bullfight sha" or fighting energy. In a home it usually means conflict between mother and son but in a career it can mean conflict between a woman and a man. This may mean that she and Obama spend a good amount of time attacking each other up to and during the election. Another interesting combination for her in October is that the Career Star lands in her Wisdom direction which would indicate that she made a good career choice in agreeing to be VP and this will be beneficial to her.

When I look at McCain's personal feng shui directions he also has positive aspects. His Success direction has a double Fame Star for the month of September which indicate he will have an easier time getting public recognition and backing from the public and his party. His relationship has a double Disaster Star on it, though, which can mean that he has trouble with people on his team, within the Republican party or that some news about his relationships causes turmoil.

The energy for his directions at election time are excellent for Success as he has a double long-term abundance star there. Additionally, the Relationship star lands in his Relationship direction that month which can help him generate the support he needs to win the White House.

The negative energy affecting the Obama/Biden ticket seriously cripples their chances of winning particularly given the more positive feng shui energy that the McCain/Palin ticket holds. Now you know why they say, "Timing is everything." Either way our country is about to make history.

Obama Biden Not the Winning Ticket

Barack Obama announced that his running mate would be seasoned politician Joe Biden of Delaware. This choice, from a feng shui perspective, has put the nail in the coffin for Obama's chances of winning. Here's why:

As I mentioned in previous e-mails, in feng shui Obama is an East Group person. In general, this is a great year for East Group people but Obama's Success direction has a Disaster Star on it this year. Although his Relationship direction has a Fame Star on it, the Disaster energy is stronger so even though he is well received by the public (in a sense "famous") his bid for the presidency is overshadowed by the heavy energy of the Disaster Star.

Joe Biden, as it turns out, is also an East Group person. His Success direction is auspicous for 2008 but the months of September and October are particularly bad for him in two ways. During September Biden has a Double Disaster Star on his Health Direction. The last time this Double Disaster Star landed in his Health area was 1988 and it was that year that he had a brain aneurysm and almost died. Now, the Double Disaster Star on Health doesn't always mean death but it does usually bring a setback in health in some form.

September is also a bad month for Obama's career success as the Double Disaster Star lands in his Success direction next month. There are likely to be unexpected setbacks for him that weren't anticipated.

The following month, October, won't be much better and this October energy goes all the way through Nov. 4, the date of the election. In October the Disaster Star lands in Biden's Success direction which doesn't bode well for his career. On top of that, the Relationship Star lands in Obama's Success direction, which would normally be a good thing, but because the yearly Disaster Star is also in his Success direction for 2008 this combination means that his professional relationships (meaning his supporters, campaign team, or even the Democratic Party) aren't strong enough to carry him to success.

All of this feng shui energy gives the McCain team an opening to move ahead and capture the White House on Nov. 4. Once McCain picks his running mate I'll give you a feng shui outlook for them as well.

Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards' Affair


This week John Edwards dropped the bombshell that he has been lying about an affair he had over a year ago. Now everyone's waiting with baited breath to see if he's also the father of his mistress' baby, which he also denies.

It's not surprising that this news would land in the press this month because August is a triple whammy month on relationships for people with a Kua number 2. Here's what I mean, John Edwards' Relationship direction is Northwest. This month the annual Illness Star combines with the monthly Conflict Star resulting in what's known as "Bullfight Sha" which means major arguments and disagreements between males and females in the household.

Additionally, his Success direction holds the Relationship Star for the year and the Disaster Star for the month which translates to a dramatic unexpected upheaval in his personal and/or professional relationships which could directly affect his career. It's probably safe to say that any chance for a future bid for the Presidency is out of the picture.

And last but not least, his Health direction, which is also directly related to his sex life, holds the Conflict Star for the year and the Relationship Star for the month. This leads to more conflict in his relationships and happens to involve conflict related to his sex life.

This triple combination of conflict on his Relationship direction, upheaval related to his professional and personal relationships in his career and even more relationship conflict related to his sex life make August 2008 the opportune time for his past indiscretions to become too big to cover up any longer.

Another interesting side note is that the media reported John Edwards' affair began in October 2006. When I looked at his Relationship feng shui for that month I found that it was the perfect monthly and yearly combination for creating heartache for his wife, which it unfortunately has.

If your Personal Energy Number is a 2, like John Edwards', you may want to think about putting up your Time Feng Shui cures because the worst of what this month can bring to your relationships has just begun. To find out your Personal Energy Number or get your Time Feng Shui activations click on the links.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Olympics and 08.08.08

The opening ceremonies in Beijing take place this Friday, August 8, 2008 at 8:08 p.m. The number 8 is considered very auspicious in the Chinese culture and also in feng shui as well.

The number 8 is associated with Wealth in both China and in feng shui. Additionally, there are nine 20 year cycles in Time feng shui and we are currently in the cycle of time known as Period 8. Therefore, the number 8 is considered even more auspicious than in other cycles of time. Because of this the Chinese believe the date 08/08/08 and the time 8:08 p.m. is very lucky day and time to hold any kind of event.

It's also interesting that the Olympics are taking place in China because the number 8 is associated with the Northeast. If you look at a map of the world you'll see that the Northeast is occupied by China and Russia.

The number 8 is also about inner wisdom, education and spirituality. During this period of time (2004 until 2024) more and more people will be looking for ways to grow spiritually and will trust their instincts more than they have in the past.

And finally, the Earth is associated with the number 8 so it's not surprising that the "green" movement has taken off so easily these past couple of years. Although these same sentiments about taking better care of the Earth have been expressed for decades the general population wasn't interested until now -- during Period 8. This makes sense since we're now living in an "Earth" vibration.

I hope this information makes watching the Olympics a little more interesting for you! To find out more about feng shui go to my website at http://www.palmbeachfengshui.com/ and check out the Articles section.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Want to Increase Your Business? Dowse!

In my weekly newsletter last week I talked about the different layers of feng shui: Space, Time and Quantum. Another important component to an effective feng shui consultation is dowsing.

Dowsing is an art that dates back over 8,000 years and is most commonly associated with looking for water. If you've ever seen pictures of (or seen someone) walking across a piece of property with a forked tree branch they were probably dowsing (looking for) water. There are a number of bottled water companies that employ dowsers to look for natural springs as a water source for their products.

Dowsing was originally used in conjunction with feng shui to look for naturally occuring environment stress caused by fault lines in the earth which create cracks in our sidewalks, driveways and building foundations and create earthquakes, underground bodies of water like lakes or aquifers, underground caves and even different types of soil (like sand and clay) butting up against each other. These situations create what is known as Geopathic Stress (geo meaning Earth and pathic meaning Disease).

With the invention of electricity, cell phone and satellite technology we have additional stress in our homes and offices that are man-made. These types of stress are known as negative Hartmann lines (discovered by Dr. Ernst Hartmann in the early 1940s), negative Curry lines (discovered by Dr. Manfred Curry and Dr. Whitmann in the late 1940s-early 1950s) and interference lines.

Like the Earth, our bodies are made up of over 70% water, so just like the Earth our bodies react to these negative areas of energy, too. Each of these energies have their own way of affecting us depending on whether we're directly sitting in their line of fire or outside of it. If you're directly in their line of fire for 3 or more hours a day, over time this exposure can result in the breakdown of soft tissue in your body where the stress is "hitting" you which can result in problems including chronic fatigue syndrome, fybromyalgia, MS, cancer and dementia to name a few.

If you are not directly in the line of fire but the stress is strong enough then you'll experience this stress as on-going fatigue, feeling weak on a regular basis or being chronically sick. Studies have even shown that man-made environmental stress from interference lines alone increases the incidence of cancer by as much as 50% depending on how concentrated it is. People who are more sensitive to this negative energy will be the most affected.

Some buildings have offices or work stations that are particularly negative. When that's the case it's usually hard to keep that office occupied. The people who are hired and assigned to work in that office never seem to "work out." They quit after a short period of time, they're out sick more often than other employees leaving you to wonder if you hired the right guy or gal for the job or they come across as negative even though when you hired them you didn't see any signs that this kind of behavior. If you're a manager you may wonder why you can't seem to "fill this position" with the right person. More than likely it's not the person you're hiring but rather the office or work space you've assigned to them that's the problem.

Using dowsing, I block these stress lines both outside and inside building that are causing you grief so that everyone working in your business can feel their best and do their best work for the company. When your employees are happy turnover declines, they feel better, are more productive and they treat your clients better. Now your clients are happy and are more likely to buy from you.

Also, because environmental stress reduces the energy level in a building it can actually prevent your feng shui from working in a worst case scenario. In a best case scenario environmental stress limits the effectiveness of your feng shui activations because feng shui works with the energy that's already in your building. If the energy is low or negative then the positve energy generated from your feng shui activations is having to counter this negative energy being created by the environmental stress. When you block this stress with dowsing you actually lift the energy level and then the positive feng shui activations are enhanced by the new positive energy in the building. It's a total win-win.

There aren't too many Classical Feng Shui Experts who also dowse here in the U.S. but it was important to me to learn both pieces because of the measurable difference in results and feeling created when dowsing and classical feng shui are used together. Don't take my word for it. See what my clients have to say by checking out my testimonials.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

High Rises, Feng Shui and Dowsing

A lot of my e-zine subscribers are managers of high rise buildings. High rises present their own set of challenges when it comes to feng shui because feng shui works with the energy of the earth so the closer to ground level your living and work spaces are the better your feng shui will work.
The higher you are off the ground the further ch'i (pronounced chee and meaning "energy") has to travel to reach the space. This means the higher you go in a building the harder it is for ch'i to reach you and the longer it will take your feng shui activations to work.

If you live or work in a high rise building try to get space somewhere between the 1st and 5th floor of the building. This is where you'll experience the greatest benefits from feng shui. The effectiveness is reduced by the time you get to the 6th floor and by the 11th floor you may feel that you're not experiencing any change because it takes so much longer for the energy to rise up and circulate through the building. You will still benefit from feng shui, however it's likely that it will take 9 months or longer to notice changes taking place.

Now, interestingly enough, stress caused by fault lines, underground water, electric outlets and interference from cell phone and satellite towers actually increases the higher you go in a building. So if you live or work on the first floor you may barely notice these types of stress in your environment but someone on the second floor may be very affected by it because the energy of this stress doubles from one floor to the next. If you live or work above the first floor you'll definitely want to get your space (or building if you can) dowsed.

Another reason you want to dowse your space is that this environmental stress reduces the effectiveness of your feng shui activations. The combination of slowing ch'i and increased environmental stress the higher up you go makes activating your feng shui pointless without dowsing first.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sedona Vortexes

A friend of mine is moving to Sedona, AZ soon and I'm creating a feng shui plan for her home. Creating a feng shui plan for homes in Sedona is not like creating plans for homes in other parts of the U.S. because Sedona has a unique energetic characteristic -- it contains a number of positive vortexes of energy. When your home contains one or more positive vortexes or you are in an area like Sedona that's filled with them throughout the city then the feng shui rules change. If you're working with a feng shui consultant who isn't a dowser they won't know how to find these vortexes much less what they are and the feng shui plan you receive won't accurately reflect strategies to enhance that energy in your home or office.

Normally, places like bathrooms, laundry rooms and kitchens are seen as rooms that will "flush" the energy. If your Time feng shui analysis shows that there is negative energy in those rooms then that's beneficial because the drains in those rooms will "drain" about half of the negative energy for you without you even having to place a feng shui cure.

On the flip side of that, if your Time feng shui analysis shows positive energy in those rooms then that will hinder your ability to tap into that positive energy because 1/2 of it is being flushed or drained away. Even if you put a feng shui activation in your bathroom, laundry or kitchen you'll only increase the positive energy there by about 20 percent. Bummer.

But, if your bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen happen to have a positive vortex then you don't have to worry about the Time feng shui for that room at all because the uplifting energy of the vortex (depending upon how strong it is) will create positive energy naturally. When that is the case you could even set up your office in those rooms and do well. Who knew?

The positive energy created by the vortexes in and around Sedona, AZ create a positive energy field for everyone who lives there. The closer you live to one of these vortexes the stronger the energy will be for you. The caveat to living in a place like this is to know what kind of vortex you live closest to and set up your feng shui to balance out that energy so that you're life doesn't become too passive/introspective (yin) or too outgoing/aggressive (yang).

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rising Cost of Happy Meals

Yesterday, I took my kids to McDonald's for a "treat" - a hamburger Happy Meal. Now, the last time I bought a happy meal it was $2.79 at the restaurant and this was just 2 weeks ago. The price has now gone up to $3.69 - almost 33% in less than 14 days! I'm not sure if their costs have gone up 33% with the price increase in oil. My guess is that the petroleum used in the plastic toy prizes is the culprit! I wonder if they'd give me a discount if we skipped the toy prize...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Northwest Disaster Star for June

One of the schools of feng shui, called Flying Stars, deals with energy that changes monthly, yearly and every 20 years. This energy, called Stars, comes in 9 different forms: 4 bad and 5 good and they each carry their own special influences. The 4 negative Stars are Disaster, Conflict, Illness and Robbery. The 5 positive Stars are Wealth, Relationships, Career, Power and Fame.

During the month of June the Disaster Star "flies" into the Northwest. Now, in Space feng shui the Northwest represents Helpful People (like mentors, your boss, clients, friends, and other people you turn to for guidance or assistance). It also represents Travel. The Disaster Star in this area means that it will be more difficult to get people to help you and you could even find that contracts or partnerships that you thought were "locked-in" come undone or become very challenging. Additionally, traveling could be a major headache for you this month with problems ranging from delays to cancelled trips or even your car breaking down on a trip you are on.

On the plus side you can remedy the negative energy every month and activate the positive energy even further by applying the Flying Star activations and cures to your home and office. Just subscribe to Time Feng Shui for 2008 at http://www.palmbeachfengshui.com/catalog/item/5137279/5392370.htm and each month I'll tell you exactly what you need to do. It costs less than 2 lattes at Starbucks AND you'll have something to show for it when you're done.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Center Yourself

Everyone is so busy in their lives and with work that it's easy to get overwhelmed by circumstances and people that surround you every day. From where we stand it looks like everything and everyone is separate, distinct and operating in their own little world. But Feng Shui Masters will tell you that we're all one in the same. Although it appears that we are different because of the way we look and act we are actually all made up of the same Universal energy we're just expressing it differently.

That's why it's important for you to make time to do something that brings you back to this Universal center each day. Because of the work I do as a Feng Shui Expert and dowser it probably wouldn't surprise you to know that I meditate every day. It took me years to find the right form of meditation but it was worth it because it's made such a difference in my life. Finding the right "centering" exercise for you will bring you the same results, too. Whether you choose to do yoga, tai chi, qi gong, meditate, sing, exercise or read something that lifts your spirits take time to do this for yourself every day.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer with the Kids

My kids finished school for the year last week. While they'll be spending part of their summer in camp they'll also spend their fair share of time at home with me, which means lots of time for them to get on each others nerves. Whenever I approach a potentially challenging situation I always look at what I can do from the Human Luck side of things as well as the Earth Luck side and summer with the kids is no exception.

Obviously, finding activities to keep them busy is a must. We'll be swimming, going to the movies, doing crafts and take trips to the zoo. Those are Human Luck activities. Additionally, I'm being extra vigilant about what the Children/Creativity area of my home looks like by making sure that there is minimal clutter, spending time doing our crafts in the Children area of our home, which happens to be their play room, and making sure that area of our yard is set up for them as well. All of these things are good Earth Luck, or feng shui, strategies for keeping all of us sane this summer.

If you want to know how to feng shui your yard and your home as well as how to handle tricky neighborhood situations like cul-de-sacs my Feng Shui the Green Way for Homeowners is the ideal how-to book for you. Visit http://www.palmbeachfengshui.com/FengShuiCatalog.html to find out more.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Is the Polygamist Texas ranch the ideal breeding ground for child abuse?

Feng shui can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In the case of the polygamist ranch in Texas it was the latter. These 3 things created the ideal location for child abuse at the Texas ranch:

The layout of the property. The Temple sits on the West side of the compound and in feng shui West is associated specifically with Children. This indicates that children will be the main center of attention for the group of people living here.

The Temple was built in 2004 and faces East. Because of this feng shui arrangement this cult attracts the energy of Lawsuits and Legal Conflict to themselves and their church.
The South and Center areas of the Temple are both associated with Sex Scandals as a result of the direction the building faces and year it was built. Since Sex Scandals show up twice in the Temple it intensifies the problem for this group.

Every year positive and negative feng shui energy shift. This year the energy related to Lawsuits and Legal Conflict landed in the West, the location of the Temple on the property and the area associated with Children while energy related to Disaster landed in the South, the area associated with Sex Scandals. The combination of Disaster and Lawsuits related to children and sex resulted in bringing the abuse at the ranch to a head.

Chris Barr was a Certified Financial Planner in the hedge fund investment world for 13 years prior to becoming a Feng Shui and Dowsing expert. She is a national speaker and consultant. She is also the author of “4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life and Fatten Up Your Wallet.”

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Although feng shui has been around for over 5,000 years, it was only introduced here in the United States in the 1970s. Whenever I speak with people from California, Oregon, Arizona or other Western states they know what feng shui is. But here on the East coast I often hear, "Feng what?" when I answer peoples' questions about what I do or they think that feng shui is interior design. So, I thought I'd write an article to better explain what feng shui is all about.

Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese art that is focused on taking advantage of specific elements in nature to create a balanced, harmonious environment. Originally it was used to select the most auspicous location for burial sites then over time it was used by Chinese emporers and Euorpean kings for their palaces and more recently by Fortune 500 companies.
The Chinese believe that there are three types of luck:
Heaven Luck - which we would call destiny or fate
Human Luck - your talents, skills and what you do with them, the friends you choose, the people you work with
Earth Luck - your environment including the country you live in, the town, the neighborhood, your home and feng shui

They believe that Human Luck and Earth Luck are within our control. Since each of these types of luck make up 1/3 of our total luck that means we're in control of 2/3 or about 67% of our luck. In other words, if you create the right environment (Earth Luck) to support you in your personal efforts (Human Luck) then you have greater control over your destiny.

The way feng shui works is that there are 5 identifiable elements in nature: fire, earth, metal, water and wood. Each of these elements is associated with a specific direction. If the elements are located in the right direction then you have a positive flow of energy or what is known as a Productive Cycle of Elements. When these elements are in the wrong locations you have a negative flow of energy or what is called a Reductive or Destructive Cycle of Elements. The key is to get these five elements in the right location to get positive ch'i (pronounced chee or energy) flowing in your environment so that you can create a better life for yourself, your family and your co-workers.

To sign up for my free e-zine and get a copy of my FREE Insider's Guide: "5 Ways to Create Greater Wealth, More Romance and Better Health!" click here.