Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama Biden Not the Winning Ticket

Barack Obama announced that his running mate would be seasoned politician Joe Biden of Delaware. This choice, from a feng shui perspective, has put the nail in the coffin for Obama's chances of winning. Here's why:

As I mentioned in previous e-mails, in feng shui Obama is an East Group person. In general, this is a great year for East Group people but Obama's Success direction has a Disaster Star on it this year. Although his Relationship direction has a Fame Star on it, the Disaster energy is stronger so even though he is well received by the public (in a sense "famous") his bid for the presidency is overshadowed by the heavy energy of the Disaster Star.

Joe Biden, as it turns out, is also an East Group person. His Success direction is auspicous for 2008 but the months of September and October are particularly bad for him in two ways. During September Biden has a Double Disaster Star on his Health Direction. The last time this Double Disaster Star landed in his Health area was 1988 and it was that year that he had a brain aneurysm and almost died. Now, the Double Disaster Star on Health doesn't always mean death but it does usually bring a setback in health in some form.

September is also a bad month for Obama's career success as the Double Disaster Star lands in his Success direction next month. There are likely to be unexpected setbacks for him that weren't anticipated.

The following month, October, won't be much better and this October energy goes all the way through Nov. 4, the date of the election. In October the Disaster Star lands in Biden's Success direction which doesn't bode well for his career. On top of that, the Relationship Star lands in Obama's Success direction, which would normally be a good thing, but because the yearly Disaster Star is also in his Success direction for 2008 this combination means that his professional relationships (meaning his supporters, campaign team, or even the Democratic Party) aren't strong enough to carry him to success.

All of this feng shui energy gives the McCain team an opening to move ahead and capture the White House on Nov. 4. Once McCain picks his running mate I'll give you a feng shui outlook for them as well.

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