Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards' Affair


This week John Edwards dropped the bombshell that he has been lying about an affair he had over a year ago. Now everyone's waiting with baited breath to see if he's also the father of his mistress' baby, which he also denies.

It's not surprising that this news would land in the press this month because August is a triple whammy month on relationships for people with a Kua number 2. Here's what I mean, John Edwards' Relationship direction is Northwest. This month the annual Illness Star combines with the monthly Conflict Star resulting in what's known as "Bullfight Sha" which means major arguments and disagreements between males and females in the household.

Additionally, his Success direction holds the Relationship Star for the year and the Disaster Star for the month which translates to a dramatic unexpected upheaval in his personal and/or professional relationships which could directly affect his career. It's probably safe to say that any chance for a future bid for the Presidency is out of the picture.

And last but not least, his Health direction, which is also directly related to his sex life, holds the Conflict Star for the year and the Relationship Star for the month. This leads to more conflict in his relationships and happens to involve conflict related to his sex life.

This triple combination of conflict on his Relationship direction, upheaval related to his professional and personal relationships in his career and even more relationship conflict related to his sex life make August 2008 the opportune time for his past indiscretions to become too big to cover up any longer.

Another interesting side note is that the media reported John Edwards' affair began in October 2006. When I looked at his Relationship feng shui for that month I found that it was the perfect monthly and yearly combination for creating heartache for his wife, which it unfortunately has.

If your Personal Energy Number is a 2, like John Edwards', you may want to think about putting up your Time Feng Shui cures because the worst of what this month can bring to your relationships has just begun. To find out your Personal Energy Number or get your Time Feng Shui activations click on the links.

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