Thursday, January 29, 2009

Real Estate and Feng Shui 2009

Are you looking to sell your home this year? Pay attention to the Flying Stars feng shui before you put out your For Sale sign.

First, draw out your floor plan or use a copy you already have on hand. Next, put a tic-tac-toe symbol over it and label N, S, E and W. This is a quick way to set up your bagua. Each square created by the tic-tac-toe symbol you drew is called a 'gua.' Look to see where your front door is located on your floor plan and this will tell you what gua it is in.

From a feng shui perspective you're odds of selling this year are best if your front door is in the Southeast or South gua of your home.

What about Southwest? You're house may sit with no activity then WHAM! a buyer shows up out of the blue.

Be open to lease-to-own or rent-to-own options if your front door is in the Northwest.

If you're a realtor you'll sell more homes with front doors in the SE, S, SW and NW this year than others you have listed.

If your front door is in the East you will probably lose a lot of money on the sale of your home if you do find a buyer.

If your front door is in the Northeast be aware that disagreements with the buyer over the terms of the sale or details in the contract are extremely likely.

West front doors can bring sellers stress. You may even have difficulty in getting people who say they want to buy your home to actually put down a deposit.

Is your front door in the North gua of your home? You'll be lucky to get your home sold this year at all. This is the worst possible direction for 2009.

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

President Obama's Feng Shui

What does President Obama's feng shui say about what's in store for him for 2009?

You'll be happy to know that it's all good. President Obama's Success direction is South. Last year he had the Transformation Star on his success and it's exactly what he experienced in his career going from Senator to President Elect.

This year the Relationship Star sits on his Success direction. This will make it much easier for him to relate not only to Senators, Congressmen and the public but also to foreign leaders too.

In addition to that he has the Long-Term Abundance Star on his Relationship direction. That means it will be easy for him to create long term relationships with foreign allies and even possibly strike peace agreements with countries that have been less than peaceful to one another.

These two stars, Relationship and Long-Term Abundance, are on two of his best directions (Success and Relationships). This combination indicates that it should be a very good first year in office for him.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

U.S. Airways Flight 1549 and Feng Shui

Today a U.S. Airways pilot Chelsey Sullenberger made an amazing emergency landing in the Hudson River after birds apparently flew into both engines. Everyone on board was rescued safely and the ex-Navy pilot was rightly hailed a hero.

After reading this story I took a look at the feng shui for the NE part of the country. The feng shui stars for 2009 don't officially land in their new positions until Feb. 4, the first day of spring on the Chinese calendar. But, like the flu, you can feel their effects before they become full blown. This looks like the case for the US Airways flight.

In 2009 the energy called Tai Sui sits in the NE. Tai Sui is associated with law suits, loss of money, health problems and major accidents. A home or office that faces Tai Sui will have a really tough year.

Tai Sui doesn't just affect homes and offices. It also affect the region of the country where it sits. This year that's the NE.

On top of that, this month the Fire Star sits in the NE. The Fire Star is linked to birds and flying.

Looking at this feng shui combination you can see that Tai Sui combined with the Fire Star to create the 'freak' accident on U.S. Airways flight 1549. Even more freaky is the fact that Sullenberger's Success direction is NE meaning that Tai Sui and the Fire Star would affect his career...and it did BIG time.

Fortunately, the yearly Relationship Star is also in the NE right now. This explains how they were able to get help so quickly and save all the passengers.

Yep, feng shui is stranger than fiction....

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Is Life Treating You Like a Doormat?

Here's something you probably never thought about: Is life treating you like a doormat?

If so, take a look at your front entry and see what's going on there.

Most people who hire me to do feng shui consultations don't even have a door mat. This is like saying, "No one is welcome here. Go away."

Other people have doormats that have been well used. But now they're ragged, torn or shabby. Since your front door is the Mouth of Ch'i (the main location that energy enters your home) and old, worn out doormat can bring 'tired' ch'i (pronounced chee and meaning energy).

What if you have a doormat with your family name or initial on it? Well, people walk on doormats so it's like inviting people to 'walk all over you' and your family. If you're feeling like people are taking advantage of you this may be your problem. The same goes for doormats with your company name or logo.

The ideal doormat is one that is plain or that says Welcome on it (since you want to welcome new energy and people who's company you enjoy into your home).

Another thing to consider is where you're front door is located. If it's in the South, consider placing a red doormat here. If it's in the North a blue one will work well. Is your door in the West? Get a metallic colored doormat or one with circles on it? Using the color associated with the location of the door will help to support that 'gua' (area) of your home.

You can fine tune it even more by using the color associated with the Flying Star at your front door for the year. For example, my front door is in the South. Beginning Feb. 4, 2009 the Relationship Star sits in the South so I selected a blue (water) striped (wood) doormat that will support the wood energy of that Star for the year.

Since the Flying Star on your front door changes every year it's a good idea to get a new doormat every year. Think of it as starting with a clean slate.

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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Flying Stars for January 2009

The chart above shows the Flying Stars energy and locations for January.

The challenging guas outnumber the beneficial guas this January. So it's still more of a yin (passive energy) month.

If you draw an outline of your office or home floor plan and then put a tic-tac-toe symbol over it you will have the bagua for your building. (There's actually a little more to it than this but in general this will work for you.) Once you have this you can label the directions so you know which energy will affect the different guas of your office or home.

The easiest way to activate the positive guas is to keep these areas busy. Have the kids play here, hold meetings in this area of your office and if your front door is in a positive gua that will stir up the energy, too.

You can reduce the effects of the negative guas by keeping these areas quiet. If possible, don't use these areas at all because the more activity you have here the more you will stir up the energy that will create the challenges you see here in the chart.

For example, if your main door is in the East try to use it as much as possible this month to attract positive opportunities and good fortune. If your front door is in the Northwest it's better if you use a different door to come and go from your home or business to avoid losing money or having people steal from you.

An easier way to activate the beneficial guas and cure the negative ones is to place your feng shui activations and cures. That way you don't have to worry about whether you need to be in or avoid certain rooms each month.

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Jett Travolta's Feng Shui

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s family vacation came to a sad sudden ending today when their son, Jett, died.

Jett had Kawasaki’s Disease which causes inflammation of the heart’s artery walls. This can result in heart problems if left undiagnosed or untreated for too long.

John Travolta talked about his son’s illness on Larry King Live some time ago saying that he thinks Jett contracted this disease when he was very young. John, confessing he may have been overzealous in keeping the house clean, said they had the carpets cleaned regularly. Chemicals in carpet cleaning are suspected to be a possible cause of Kawasaki’s Disease in young children. John told Larry that it’s like having a metallic chemical in your immune system.

I had to look into Jett’s personal feng shui to see if there were any indications of his death this month. There were.

The annual Flying Star on Jett’s Health direction (NW) is the Illness Star. This star is particularly hard on people who have challenging illnesses or diseases that can be life threatening.

In addition to that the Flying Star coming into Jett’s Health direction in January is the Robbery Star. This Star doesn’t officially ‘land’ there until Jan. 5, but its effects can be felt up to 9 days beforehand.

This combination of Illness for the year with Robbery for the month creates fire energy. Fire on your Health direction can mean heart problems and Jett had a heart disease.

Additionally, the Robbery Star is a ‘metal’ element and Jett’s immune system was contaminated with a metallic chemical triggering the negative Illness/Robbery star combo on his health even more. This was a really harsh combination for Jett’s health given his physical condition.

John Travolta’s feng shui indicates that this would be a tough month for his relationships. For the year he has a Disaster Star on his relationships. Most people will experience this as a loss of a friendship, a divorce, or a shifting of the kinds of people you associate with. But this star can also mean death of a friend, colleague or family member. This is the same star Casey Anthony had on her Relationship direction last year.

The Flying Star on John’s Relationship direction for the month is the Illness Star. Combine the Illness Star with the Disaster Star on your Relationships and you can end up with the death of a loved one due to illness. This is unfortunately how it turned out for John Travolta and his family.

Looking at Flying Stars feng shui and your personal feng shui you can get clues about what possibilities lie ahead, both positive and not so positive.