Sunday, March 29, 2009

Power Up Your Feng Shui

At least once a week I get a call or e-mail from someone who tells me they bought a book to set up the feng shui in their home but that instead of being helpful these books have left them feeling confused and frustrated. Just when they think they understand what the author is saying they read further and realize they have no idea what they’re supposed to do.

It’s unfortunate that their experience with feng shui has left them frustrated rather than enlightened but not surprising. Just because someone is known for being a good consultant doesn’t mean they are good at explaining what they do to others. That’s why Jim Cramer has a show on how to invest in the stock market (Mad Money) and Warren Buffet doesn’t.

So I thought we would spend our time today looking at some basics you need to know about feng shui in order to get the results you want easily and enjoyably.

The first thing you need to know are the directions in your home or office. When I say directions I mean north, south, east, west, northeast, etc. Directions are critical to classical feng shui and without them your feng shui activations won’t work. This is why so many people are unsuccessful with Black Sect, Black Hat, Western and New Age feng shui.

These schools, which were developed in the 1980s and 1990s, are based on the Law of Attraction and not on the principles of feng shui. If you’re good at using the Law of Attraction or your home faces north then you increase your odds of being successful with these modern schools of feng shui. If not your odds of success drop considerably.

Next you need to know which areas of your life belong to these directions. You can find this by going to my website and clicking on Feng Shui Freebies. Just download the Simple Bagua pdf file for all the directions and life areas.

The last thing you need to know is how to power up your feng shui with the best activation. In feng shui you have the option of using these three activations to get your energy moving:
1. Element – fire, water, wood, metal or earth
2. Color – each direction has specific colors that trigger the feng shui
3. Shape – each direction has its own shape

The element for the direction will have the biggest impact. Your second best choice is color and lastly the shape. You can use one, combine two or use all three. It’s up to you.

So let’s say you’re a writer and you want to get your creative juices flowing more. Take a look at the west area of your office because this is the area associated with Creativity in feng shui.

The element for Creativity is metal so you could put something made of metal here. One of the colors for this area is white so you could use this color instead. And one of the shapes is oval so you could put an oval shaped object here if you wanted. Or you could put an oval shaped object made of metal to combine two of the feng shui activations.

It’s that easy!

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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Billionaire Cosmonaut

Dr. Charles Simonyi, a U.S. billionaire who helped create Microsoft, is headed to space for a second time in two years. Dr. Simonyi will be spending 2 weeks in outer space for the not-so-small price tag of $35 million.

His personal feng shui is perfectly aligned with his career, his interest in space and even with Russia as his doorway into his astronaut vacations. Charles' personal feng shui energy number (called the Kua number) and Wisdom direction are associated with technology which makes his success with Microsoft a natural fit for him.

His Success direction is tied in to the planets and the stars which is why he has been interested in being an astronaut since he was a kid. In fact, when he was 13 he represented his home country of Hungary as a junior cosmonaut and won a trip to Moscow to meet one of the first Soviet spacemen.

And then there's his Relationship direction which is geographically tied to Russia making it the ideal country for him to turn to to fulfill his dreams of space adventure.

Your personal feng shui says a lot about you and can even help you with your career, relationships, health and wisdom. You can find out how in my book 4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life and Fatten Up Your Wallet available on Amazon or at

Casey Anthony's Lucky Break

A friend of mine asked me to look at Casey Anthony’s feng shui and talk about it on my show this week. I've blogged about her feng shui here before but thought I'd look ahead to her trial. As I was pulling up her birthday and noticed that she has fabulous stars on her Success and Relationship directions this year. It looked eerily familiar to me so I pulled up someone else that I thought had these stars during their murder trial back in 1995: OJ Simpson.

There's a reason Casey is smiling. Her feng shui flying stars are identical to OJ’s during his murder trial: Her Success direction has the Long-Term Abundance Star on it and her Relationship direction has the Relationship star on it. This is an extremely fortunate combination and makes it virtually impossible for her to be convicted this year.

So then I looked at the stars for the Orlando prosecution team. My guess is that they aren’t going to have enough substantiating evidence to convict Casey because the Conflict star sits on the Wisdom direction this year and the Robbery Star (meaning loss) sits in the direction of Government. This says to me the prosecuting team will lose the case due to conflicting information or evidence or that they will lose due to conflict surrounding the evidence.

The months that really favor Casey are May, July, November and December. The only month I can see that the government has a chance of convicting her (assuming she's guilty) is June or maybe August.

Flying Star feng shui doesn't care who's right or wrong. It just creates positive or negative opportunity through timing.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Do-It-Yourself Not Always Best

Today I received an e-mail from a woman in the Midwest who purchased a feng shui system from another feng shui consultant to learn how to become a feng shui consultant herself. In her e-mail she said that she is no closer to understanding feng shui and is just frustrated and confused.

I was sorry to hear that the program wasn't working for her and at the same time not surprised. Think about a terrific mechanic you know, or accountant, or doctor, etc. Just because they're good at their job doesn't mean they're good at teaching others what they do. That's a completely different skill from their main profession and the two don't always go hand in hand.

Another challenge is that not everyone can write. I know a woman who is extremely successful in her consulting and she's written a couple of books. The writing is very technical, hard to follow and doesn't make sense. Yet when she talks she's very clear. There's just a complete disconnect between her written and spoken words. Needless to say her books have not sold well.

Then there's the issue of wanting to learn something professionally and wanting to learn it as a hobby. If you're going to take on a new career you need to know what you're doing and most books aren't detailed enough for that. There's just too much information to cram into a book that's only one or two hundred pages long.

If you're looking to learn feng shui in order to be able to do it for other people it's best to study with a feng shui consultant in person because you will learn considerably more, you will be able to ask questions, you'll get to hear other people's questions which will in turn help you and you'll hear more than you would if you tried to learn it on your own. You'll even get to practice what you learn which is even more beneficial.

Think about it. Could you learn massage from a book and become a professional massage therapist? Or study weather maps at home and become a meteorologist? No of course not.

Home study courses are great for learning a new hobby and for do-it-yourself projects, including feng shui. But to really understand it and be able to help other people its best to study with someone who can teach you the ropes.

Natasha Richardson's Passing

While skiing this week with her son at the Mont Tremblant ski resort in Canada Natasha Richardson took a fall during a ski lesson for beginners. She returned to her hotel complaining of a headache and was later taken to the hospital where she died yesterday.

It's a very sad story for an injury that medical doctors said should have been easy to resolve. However, sometimes recovery is not our destiny as was the case for Natasha Richardson.

You see, Natasha Richardson's health direction has the Disaster Star on it this month. Her health direction is also associated with the head indicating that injuries to the head were possible this month. And because the Disaster Star is the densest of all the negative stars it can also mean death as a result of head injury.

In addition to this Natasha has the Illness Star on her relationships for the year and this month she had the Windfall Star there. Windfalls are usually positive opportunities that come from out of the blue but when paired with a negative star it can mean the energy of that star affects you from out of the blue. With the Illness star there it mean illness from out of the blue.

Sadly, Natasha's Relationship direction is also tied to children and her out of the blue injury took place while she was on vacation with her son.

Could Natasha have prevented her death if she had known this information? Quite possibly because knowledge is power and knowing how to remedy these stars could just as easily have turned her death into a minor injury. If she had known a serious head injury could result in her death because of her personal feng shui she could have a) put up the feng shui remedy to reduce the energy of this star and b) worn a helmet while skiing.

We're in an age where ancient wisdom is no longer hidden. It's available if you know where to look and when you have this information you help to shape your future rather than be swept away by it.

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Going On?

The past few days there have been three mass shootings: one at a church in Illinois, another in three cities across Alabama and almost at the same time one at a school in Germany.

All of the shootings resulted in the deaths of multiple people, all seemed to be pre-meditated based upon what the authorities have uncovered so far and all were committed by men in their 20s.

What in the world is going on here? Certainly the mental health of these three men comes into play and so does the feng shui for 2009. You've heard me say it before and I'll say it again-- feng shui is often the catalyst that triggers an event whether it's positive or negative.

If you're working hard to get a promotion and nothing is happening set up your feng shui and watch the opportunity land right in your lap. If you're planning a shooting spree and the negative Flying Stars land in the right spot you have the recipe for successfully carrying out disaster.

That's what I see in these three shootings. This year the Conflict Star sits on young men and the gunmen were all in their 20s. On top of that this month the Violence Star is on young men as well. The Violence Star means robbery, violent acts and it also includes guns and knives.

This combination is not usually so tragic but feng shui is only 1/3 of the equation. Human action and well being account for another 1/3 and the last 1/3 is destiny.

The sad thing is that we know for sure the gunman in Illinois had a history of mental illness. It may turn out that the other two did as well. Perhaps if they had been treated properly or diagnosed properly none of this would have happened. After all there are lots of other young men in the world who aren't shooting people this month despite the difficult feng shui.

The thing is that there are remedies for negative feng shui Flying Stars and those remedies are effective at putting out the fire in these stars. Maybe if more people used this information we'd be able to prevent more situations like the ones that happened this week.

You don't have to wait for something tragic to happen. You can get your Flying Stars remedies and activations here:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Maryville, IL Shooting

An unidentified gunman shot and killed the pastor at the First Baptist Church in Maryville, IL this morning. So far they can't find any motive for the act but then again sometimes all it takes is the stars to be aligned just right for such a tragic event to occur. At least that's how it looks for now.

This month the two feng shui stars that could trigger such an event are linked together. The Conflict Star and the Violence Star are joined at the hip this month and standing right over Religion/Spirituality/Education. If we ever find out the killer's motive it's likely that it will turn out that he is angry with God or the pastor himself. Since the Violence Star is also linked to guns and knives this turned out to be the way this voilent conflict played itself out.

You may be wondering 'why Illinois and why this guy?' This month the double Disaster energy sits in the North and if you look at a map of the U.S. you'll see that Illinois is one of the Northern states. The north was also pastor Fred Winters' Health direction.
What may have triggered today, March 8, for this event is that the Violence and Disaster Stars sit on Religion/Spirituality/Education and the North for the day as well. It's like holding a bomb. All you need is a lighted match to set it off.

Whenever negative stars combine together the odds of a negative event tied to their energy increases dramatically. On the plus side the same thing happens when positive stars come together.

You can prepare for both types of energy by using your feng shui and dowsing cures each month which you can get at

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Michael Jackson's Final Comeback

Michael Jackson announced he'll be doing a series of concerts in London this summer then will retire from performing for good. So what does his feng shui outlook have in store for him?

Well, Jackson who is now 50 has a mixed bag of feng shui energy this year. On the plus side he has the Windfall Star on his Relationship direction meaning he could experience an opportunity or gain financially in an unexpected way this year. July is the ideal time for this Star to kick in because the energy is double that month.

At the same time he has the Illness Star on his Success direction meaning he'll have to work hard to make money in his work and even then the money is not likely to be as good as he expected. This energy is double in July too.

Since he has the Conflict Star on his Health direction he'll need to make sure he's up for a series of concerts. In the past his health has prevented him from touring not to mention the endless legal battles he's been involved in.

For now he plans to launch his concert series in July the month when all the stars have double their energy. Not a great month. If he changed the date to May he'd stand a much better chance of succeeding because the stars are better for him at that time.

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GM's Financial Woes

GM stock was down again and down big yesterday forcing the company to come out and say it may be forced into bankruptcy. The company will be 101 years old this year and it's feng shui energy is not good for 2009.

This year there is a Conflict Star on GM's Success direction and an Illness Star on it's Health direction. You may be thinking, 'How can a company have a Health direction when it's not a living thing?' Well the Health direction of a company relates to it's financial health.

This combination of Conflict and Illness is a tough one to overcome because this year in particular people will be against buying from GM even if they have the best product in the world and sustaining the financial health of an already run down company will be extremely difficult if not impossible.

The one thing that GM does have going for it is a fabulous Cash Flow star on its Relationship direction meaning people could come to the company's aid and bail them out BUT the Disaster Star also sits in the Relationship direction this month meaning disaster on career and cash flow. If GM can make it through March they stand a modest chance of recovering but if they don't my belief is that they're a goner.

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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Britney Goes to the Circus

Britney Spears is back in concert mode as of March 3. Her first 'Circus' tour stop is New Orleans and she picked the ideal month to go there. Her career feng shui isn't that great this year so picking the right month is critical to even moderate success with her live show.

During March she has a terrific feng shui combination on her Success direction with the Windfall and Career stars landing there. Her show will probably experience good reviews and high ticket sales. She even has a Windfall Star on her Relationship direction that will help her even more.

She can expect her show to do well through May but she may have some challenges with people who are in the show with her or tied to her tour somehow in April because she has a double Illness star on her Relationships that month. She could even have problems with her throat that prevent her from singing for a few days.

I hope Britney's tour goes well for her though I'm sure a lot of people want to see what weird way she may screw this up since her life has been like a train wreck you just can't help but watch. Next year her career will go through a transformation and she has an opportunity to create new relationships too.

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Where are Corey Smith & Marquis Cooper?

News came out today that 29 year old Detroit Lions Defensive Back Corey Smith and 26 year old Oakland Raiders Linebacker Marquis Cooper went on a fishing expedition in Florida on Saturday and never returned. They were with two other people.

Though search parties are looking for them chances are that they may not be found. Seas swelled to 7 feet Saturday night and they were only in a 21 foot boat.

This is a really bad year for Corey and Marquis to be on the water. Corey's Health direction and Marquis' Relationship direction both have the Disaster Star on it this year and that disaster is directly tied in to water. Anything water related this year including fishing and boating could mean death for both men.

The Disaster Star is the worst possible star in feng shui and it's not one you want to mess around with, especially if it's on your Health, Relationship, Success or Wisdom direction. This star brings transformation through upheaval, divorce, financial catastrophe, or even death.

In fact this star was on Casey Anthony's Relationship direction last year when her daughter, Caylee Anthony, died. A double Disaster Star was on John Travolta's Relationship direction when his son Jett died in January 2009.

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