Sunday, March 22, 2009

Casey Anthony's Lucky Break

A friend of mine asked me to look at Casey Anthony’s feng shui and talk about it on my show this week. I've blogged about her feng shui here before but thought I'd look ahead to her trial. As I was pulling up her birthday and noticed that she has fabulous stars on her Success and Relationship directions this year. It looked eerily familiar to me so I pulled up someone else that I thought had these stars during their murder trial back in 1995: OJ Simpson.

There's a reason Casey is smiling. Her feng shui flying stars are identical to OJ’s during his murder trial: Her Success direction has the Long-Term Abundance Star on it and her Relationship direction has the Relationship star on it. This is an extremely fortunate combination and makes it virtually impossible for her to be convicted this year.

So then I looked at the stars for the Orlando prosecution team. My guess is that they aren’t going to have enough substantiating evidence to convict Casey because the Conflict star sits on the Wisdom direction this year and the Robbery Star (meaning loss) sits in the direction of Government. This says to me the prosecuting team will lose the case due to conflicting information or evidence or that they will lose due to conflict surrounding the evidence.

The months that really favor Casey are May, July, November and December. The only month I can see that the government has a chance of convicting her (assuming she's guilty) is June or maybe August.

Flying Star feng shui doesn't care who's right or wrong. It just creates positive or negative opportunity through timing.

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