Sunday, March 1, 2009

Britney Goes to the Circus

Britney Spears is back in concert mode as of March 3. Her first 'Circus' tour stop is New Orleans and she picked the ideal month to go there. Her career feng shui isn't that great this year so picking the right month is critical to even moderate success with her live show.

During March she has a terrific feng shui combination on her Success direction with the Windfall and Career stars landing there. Her show will probably experience good reviews and high ticket sales. She even has a Windfall Star on her Relationship direction that will help her even more.

She can expect her show to do well through May but she may have some challenges with people who are in the show with her or tied to her tour somehow in April because she has a double Illness star on her Relationships that month. She could even have problems with her throat that prevent her from singing for a few days.

I hope Britney's tour goes well for her though I'm sure a lot of people want to see what weird way she may screw this up since her life has been like a train wreck you just can't help but watch. Next year her career will go through a transformation and she has an opportunity to create new relationships too.

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