Thursday, March 5, 2009

Michael Jackson's Final Comeback

Michael Jackson announced he'll be doing a series of concerts in London this summer then will retire from performing for good. So what does his feng shui outlook have in store for him?

Well, Jackson who is now 50 has a mixed bag of feng shui energy this year. On the plus side he has the Windfall Star on his Relationship direction meaning he could experience an opportunity or gain financially in an unexpected way this year. July is the ideal time for this Star to kick in because the energy is double that month.

At the same time he has the Illness Star on his Success direction meaning he'll have to work hard to make money in his work and even then the money is not likely to be as good as he expected. This energy is double in July too.

Since he has the Conflict Star on his Health direction he'll need to make sure he's up for a series of concerts. In the past his health has prevented him from touring not to mention the endless legal battles he's been involved in.

For now he plans to launch his concert series in July the month when all the stars have double their energy. Not a great month. If he changed the date to May he'd stand a much better chance of succeeding because the stars are better for him at that time.

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