Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paula Goodspeed's Extreme Feng Shui

You probably heard about the very unfortunate incident that took place outside of Paula Abdul’s home this past week.

An obsessed fan by the name of Paula Goodspeed pulled up in front of Abdul’s home and committed suicide. Goodspeed’s body was found in her car.

This was such a shocking event and so tragic for not only Paula Goodspeed’s family but also Paula Abdul that I had to take a look at their personal feng shui for the month to see if there were any clues in the Flying Stars and sure enough, there were.

Paula Goodspeed was 30 years old when she died and the energy on her personal best directions this month helped to fuel her mental illness even more.

I should tell you that the Flying Stars energy on your 4 best directions doesn’t mean that terrible things will happen or even that great things will happen when the Flying Stars are positive. These Stars only provides fertile ground for possibilities, both positive and negative to occur, depending on whether their energy is favorable or unfavorable.

If you’ve already taken steps to create certain situations or attract specific people into your life then the Flying Stars energy is much more likely to set things in motion for you.

Looking at Paula Goodspeed’s 4 best directions I see a lot of heavy negative energy for her this month. Her Relationship direction has a Double Illness Star on it this month and it happens to be in the Northwest, which is rules the head. Whenever I see this I tell people to watch for headaches or injuries to the head. But it also means mental illness.

Since Goodspeed was already considered mentally ill the Double Illness star just compounded the situation for her, literally bringing the problem to a head (no pun intended). And since it was on Her Relationship direction the mental illness was destined to affect her Relationships, meaning her family and the relationship she believed she had with Paula Abdul.

On top of that her Success direction has a Star combination that is associated with arguments between women this month. If she had tried to contact Paula Abdul it is likely that she would have been denied access and Goodspeed would have been angry about it.

And lastly, and most sadly, Paula Goodspeed had a combination Disaster and Robbery star on her Wisdom direction. The Robbery Star usually means something is taken away from you but it also represents small weapons like guns and knives. The Disaster Star usually brings very difficult challenges to people that lead to some kind of transformation but it can also mean death as it did for Goodspeed.

This combination of small weapons and death on her Wisdom direction indicates that she would make a decision that would cost her her life and it did.

But how does Paula Abdul’s feng shui factor into all of this? Well, Her Relationship direction has the Windfall Star on it in November. The Windfall Star means something lands in your lap out of the blue and since it’s on her Relationship direction it would come through someone she knows. The suicide outside her home was certainly unexpected and it came through her relationships because Goodspeed was an unwelcome fan who had stalked Paula for years. Paula knew exactly who she was.

Additionally Paula Abdul has a Star combination on her Health direction this month associated with Bad luck. This would indicate that Paula is likely to be affected by this event mentally and emotionally for some time to come, which is quite understandable.

She also has a star combination on her Success direction this month that brings mental stress and a feeling of emotional overload.

On top of that Paula’s front door is in the Northwest and this month the Northwest is tied to mental illness. It’s no wonder that Goodspeed, who was mentally ill, would take her own life at Paula’s front door.

When you look at Paula Goodspeed’s feng shui challenges with mental health and disasterous decisions for her life combined with Paula Abdul’s personal feng shui of mental and emotional stress out of the blue through her Relationships, in this case a fan of hers, you can see how their personal feng shui ties together.

I happen to know that Paula Abdul uses feng shui in her home because I know her feng shui consultant personally. My understanding is that she does not use Time Feng Shui. Although she could not have prevented the tragedy that happened this week knowing how to cure the negative stars in her personal best directions could have kept it from happening in front of her home which would have helped reduce the impact this event has had on her.

Now, there many other people in the world with Paula Abdul and Paula Goodspeed’s same personal best directions and they didn’t experience suicide or have someone kill themselves on their front doorstep.

That’s because feng shui is a catalyst that allows events that are already in play to unfold. Imagine wanting to grow a beautiful tomato plant with lush ripe tomatoes. You’ve prepared your garden and suddenly a wonderful rain shower comes in to water your garden. If you don’t have any seeds planted then no amount of rain is going to produce a tomato plant. But if the seeds have been planted (meaning you’re using your Human Luck) then the rain (your feng shui) will support the growth of your tomatoes.

Take charge of your garden by setting up your 4 personal best directions and using monthly feng shui so that you get the best possible results for your life.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

November 2008 Feng Shui

This month may feel a little more challenging than last month for some of us due to the feng shui energy combination for the month and the year. The feng shui energy and locations for November are shown in the ba gua on the left.

The guas (or squares) that will affect you the most are those that are tied to your Personal Best Directions, the one where your bedroom is located, the one where your office is located and the one where your main door is located.

As you can see the challenging guas outnumber the beneficial guas this month. But that's yin and yang for you. Some months will be more yin and others will be more yang. This happens to be a yin month.

If you draw an outline of your office or home floor plan and then put a tic-tac-toe symbol over it you will have the bagua for your building. (There's actually a little more to it than this but in general this will work for you.) Once you have this you can label the directions so you know which energy will affect the different guas of your office or home.

The easiest way to activate the positive guas is to keep these areas busy. Have the kids play here, hold meetings in this area of your office and if your front door is in a positive gua that will stir up the energy, too.

You can reduce the effects of the negative guas by keeping these areas quite. If possible, don't use these areas at all because the more activity you have here the more you will stir up the energy that will create the challenges you see here.

For example, if your main door is in the East try to use it as much as possible this month to attract more abundance to your business or career. If your front door is in the Southeast it's better if you use a different door to come and go from your home or business.

Another way to activate the beneficial guas and cure the negative ones is to place your feng shui activations and cures. You can get these each month in my Time Feng Shui for 2008 subscription.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Politics and The View

The other day I turned on the t.v. and on almost every station they were talking about the argument between Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar over Sarah Palin. Elizabeth is a staunch supporter of McCain while Joy is solidly in Obama's camp. What a contrast to this photo of happier days!

That made me wonder what their personal feng shui looked like for October. I almost fell out of my chair when I discovered that Elizabeth shares the EXACT SAME personal energy number as McCain and Joy shares the EXACT SAME personal energy number as Obama. No wonder they can't agree with each other or even agree to disagree.

Of the two Elizabeth has been catching the most flack for her remarks and behavior much like McCain is catching the most flack for his negative campaigning. Their personal feng shui for October says it all.

This year the Disaster Star sits in Elizabeth's Relationship direction. The same goes for McCain. That means that getting people to support you is going to be a real challenge.

On top of that during October the Relationship Star lands in their Relationship direction as well. Normally, the Relationship Star is beneficial but when you combine it with the Disaster Star for 2008 you get hostile, angry relationships. It doesn't matter whether you're right, you're wrong, you're nice or you're mean -- people are not going to be receptive to you. And clearly, that's what Elizabeth and McCain are experiencing this month. Too bad they don't know feng shui.
If you know your 4 best directions, and the feng shui energy for the year and the month you can set up your remedies to reduce the effects of the negative stars and activate your positive stars to help you even more.