Saturday, November 1, 2008

Politics and The View

The other day I turned on the t.v. and on almost every station they were talking about the argument between Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Joy Behar over Sarah Palin. Elizabeth is a staunch supporter of McCain while Joy is solidly in Obama's camp. What a contrast to this photo of happier days!

That made me wonder what their personal feng shui looked like for October. I almost fell out of my chair when I discovered that Elizabeth shares the EXACT SAME personal energy number as McCain and Joy shares the EXACT SAME personal energy number as Obama. No wonder they can't agree with each other or even agree to disagree.

Of the two Elizabeth has been catching the most flack for her remarks and behavior much like McCain is catching the most flack for his negative campaigning. Their personal feng shui for October says it all.

This year the Disaster Star sits in Elizabeth's Relationship direction. The same goes for McCain. That means that getting people to support you is going to be a real challenge.

On top of that during October the Relationship Star lands in their Relationship direction as well. Normally, the Relationship Star is beneficial but when you combine it with the Disaster Star for 2008 you get hostile, angry relationships. It doesn't matter whether you're right, you're wrong, you're nice or you're mean -- people are not going to be receptive to you. And clearly, that's what Elizabeth and McCain are experiencing this month. Too bad they don't know feng shui.
If you know your 4 best directions, and the feng shui energy for the year and the month you can set up your remedies to reduce the effects of the negative stars and activate your positive stars to help you even more.

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