Sunday, May 31, 2009

Robin Soderling's Excellent Fate

Four time French Open champion Rafael Nadal was defeated by Robin Soderling today. The number 1 ranked tennis player was expected to easily defeat Soderling so the upset came as quite a shock to the tennis world.

Let's look at Rafael Nadal's personal feng shui for clues about today's loss and see if it tells us anything.
First off Nadal has the feng shui Flying Star associated with Windfalls on his Success direction this year. On top of that he has the Flying Star of Abundance on his Success direction this month. This is a great combination and likely helped Nadal today.

But when you're an athlete the most important direction is your Health direction. Nadal's Health direction also has a great feng shui Star on it this year. It's the Star of New Beginnings. But this month the Conflict Star is on his Health direction too. This combination of feng shui stars very likely created problems for Nadal and since his Health is directly tied to his profession as a tennis pro they tripped him up this month.

Now here's the funny thing. Robin Soderling has the exact same feng shui Stars working for him this year and this month, they're just reversed. So Soderling has the New Beginning/Conflict Stars on his Success meaning that he was bound to create controversy and at the same time launch his career in a new direction this month.

Then he has the Windfall/Abundance Stars on his Health direction this month which is a much better feng shui Star combination for winning if you're an athlete.

Feng Shui Masters believe that your Destiny, which is tied to your personal best directions and the feng shui Flying Stars that sit on those directions, accounts for 1/3 of your total luck in life. When you combine this information with your Human Luck (your talents and skills) and your Earth Luck (feng shui of your home and office) you have greater control over your life and can navigate tough times easier and accomplish more in great times.

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy Women in the Media

Today was like a feeding frenzy for news about crazy women. The local news talked about Casey Anthony's trial for the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony.

Right after that the Today Show talked about Bonnie Sweeten's elaborate (but not well planned) story about being abducted and kidnapped along with her daughter. Turns out Bonnie was just on a trip to Disney World with her daughter after fighting with her husband.

And then came the story about Sara Jane Moore's attempted assassination of former President Ford back in 1975.

What's with all these women? Well if you look at my blog from way back when you can read all about Casey Anthony and her feng shui ties to O.J. Simpson so I won't repeat myself here.

As for Bonnie Sweeten's feng shui it shows that any attempts at moving forward in her job or life this year are going to be met with conflict and arguments. This may be what triggered her to leave her husband this week unexpectedly and to steal and use a co-workers ID to try to cover her tracks.

The interesting part is that her Relationship direction has the star of New Beginnings which means that she and her husband had an opportunity to either a) make changes that moved their marriage in a new direction or b) decide that it's time to call it quits. But this new twist of running away, dragging her daughter into the middle of everything and then alarming the authorities on top of it means that her new relationships will be with attorneys, the law and possibly other inmates.

As for Sara Jane Moore who attempted to assasinate former President Gerald Ford back in 1975 she picked a really good year to carry out such an attempt because the feng shui Stars on her Success and Relationships were both tied to injury with sharp objects in Sept. 1975.

The problem was that her Relationship direction was also associated with lawsuits and she surely got that in spades. In fact the month she was sentenced her feng shui Stars created what feng shui masters call 'crazy women' Stars. Interestingly enough Sara Jane told Matt Lauer people called her 'a kook, an alien and a monster.' Sara Jane was sentenced to life in prison but was released back in 2007 after 32 years in jail.

Feng shui does an amazing job of explaining what is possible in your life from month to month and year to year. It's like the catalyst that triggers events in your life whether you want them to or not.

But unlike astrology feng shui also gives you the remedies for negative Flying Stars and the activations for positive Flying Stars so that you don't have to be at the mercy of this energy. Instead feng shui allows you to neutralize, enhance or work with it so that you move in tandem together like dance partners.

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Friday, May 22, 2009

How to Avoid Taxes Just Like Helio Castroneves

Today 2 time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves was aquitted of tax evasion charges here in South Florida. The former 'Dancing With the Stars' Champ was charged last year with 6 counts of evading more than $2.3 million in with the help of his attorney sister.

But today with the help of his lawyer, the jury and great feng shui all but one charge, which resulted in a hung jury, were dropped. Castroneves was in tears.

So just how did his personal feng shui work for him? Well, this year Helio has the feng shui Cash Flow Star on his Success direction. This means he's likely to make a good deal of money this year through his career but it can also help you hang onto your money if someone wants to take it from you. In other words, your outcome will be successful for you.

There's also a great feng shui Flying Star combination on the general Relationship direction this month that's associated with a windfall that leads to long-term abundance. That means that a windfall will come as a result of your relationships, in this case the jury and his attorney, that will benefit you in the long run. Since this direction is another one of Helio's personal best directions it helped him out too.

On top of that the feng shui Flying Star combination over Florida, where the trial was held, is also fabulous this month bringing him even more luck.

Feng shui counts for 1/3 of your total luck so it's important to use feng shui not only in your surroundings but also look at the feng shui that directly affects your Health, your Relationships, your Success and your Wisdom. Once you have all this it's like having the keys to your castle (or successfully keeping the IRS out of your wallet).

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

No Breakdown for Green Day at Wal-Mart

Green Day's latest release 21st Century Breakdown has been given the thumbs down by Wal-Mart. They want the #1 selling album's language and content to be cleaned up before it goes on the shelves.

Lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong says they won't change the album and since neither side is compromising you'll have to go elsewhere if you want to buy Green Day's latest hit CD.

It's no surprise Green Day is experiencing flack because the feng shui Flying Star associated with Conflict sits on their Success direction this year. That means their going to catch grief this year whether they do anything to provoke it or not. That's just the nature of the Star.

But the funny thing is this Conflict Star works nicely with the feng shui Flying Star tied to Windfalls on their Wisdom direction this year. This means the band's decision not to clean up their new CD was likely to come as an abrupt outburst that would create a windfall for them.

On top of that Green Day has the Cash Flow Star on their Relationship direction which means there's an excellent chance that people hearing about the Wal-Mart ban are more likely to buy the CD than if the backlash hadn't occurred.

It just goes to show you that even though you may have negative feng shui Flying Stars in one of your four best directions (Success, Health, Relationshp or Wisdom) it can create positive results. You have to look at the whole picture.

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Monday, May 18, 2009

Feng Shui of 66 Year Old First Time Mom Elizabeth Adeney

Elizabeth Adeney is causing quite a stir. At the ripe old age of 66 this divorcee is about to give birth to twins right before her 67th birthday in July.

Despite all the protests about it in the press the timing is actually perfect for her because her personal feng shui Relationship direction has the feng shui Flying Star of New Beginnings on it this year. This means new people coming into her life in one way or another this year.

On top of that this Star's energy will double right around the time her twins are born. Double New Beginnings and double new babies. It's perfect!

Looking at her Success direction, though, she has the feng shui Flying Star related to Conflict. This means her choices will create controversy for her and this energy will also double right around the time her children are born.

So it looks like Elizabeth will come under even more scrutiny the closer we get to the birth of her babies.

But here's the thing. Elizabeth Adeney's personal feng shui number carries the energy of Motherhood which means she'll be very loving and protective of her children.

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Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ron Howard's Personal Feng Shui Angel

Ron Howard has done it again. This week's release of 'Angels & Demons,' the movie version of Dan Brown's book of the same name, is #1 at the box office.

While Ron is a brilliant director there's no doubt that his personal feng shui is playing a role in his success this year too.

For 2009 he has a fabulous Feng Shui Flying Star on his Relationship direction. The Star is called the Relationship Star so when it's in your Relationship direction it's like doubling your luck when it comes to attracting people to your projects, getting them to show up for your movies, connecting with your audience and having people sing your praises. It's an ideal Star to have working for you if you're a politician, singer, writer or even movie director because people will support you without you really even having to try to gain their support.

On top of that Ron Howard has the Long-Term Abundance Flying Star on his Success direction. that means his work (making movies) will bring him long-term investments and projects that are very financially rewarding. This year he'll have the choice of a number of opportunities that come his way.

His challenge will be making the right decision because this year he has the Feng Shui Disaster Star on his Wisdom direction. This can cause you to make disasterous decisions for yourself. On the flip side, though, this Star can create amazing transformation in your life that lead you in a wonderful new direction.

When your Feng Shui Flying Stars are good your life is good. But when they're challenging it can feel like things are blowing up around you for no reason.

You can take control of your Feng Shui luck by getting your personal 12 month feng shui predictions. What's even better is that I'll tell you exactly how to make the bad Stars virtually disappear and make the good Stars shine even brighter for you.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Feng Shui Robbery?

This past week my son came home from school and said, "Mom! My friend Matthew's house was robbed yesterday!"

The good news is that the family wasn't home so no one was hurt. The bad news is that they lost some valuable items and now feel quite vulnerable too.

When I heard about the robbery the first thing that came to mind is: I'll be their house faces East." (Whenever I hear good news or bad my mind always jumps to the feng shui of the situation.)
Sure enough. I looked up the address on Google and the front of the house does face east (it's the house with the red dot over it). This year the feng shui Robbery Star sits in the east meaning that homes and businesses that face this direction have an increased chance of losing money, being robbed, going bankrupt or having expenses drain away income.

On top of that another feng shui energy called The 3 Killings is in the East. When you combine the 3 Killings with the Robbery Star the negative energy is intensified. In other words, it's a bad combination and one you want to avoid if you can.

On top of that the house is at the end of a T-intersection. The road runs right into their house. This is bad feng shui design because it creates 'attack' energy for the home and the people who live there.

Since you can't move a home like this and it's not practical to just pick up and move your best bet is to use Landscape Feng Shui and Flying Star Feng Shui (which I also call Time Feng Shui) to tone down this negative energy as much as possible.

This way the energy is not so overwhelming for you and you can be prepared for years when the Flying Stars on your front door are not so great.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

No More Jon & Kate (Plus 8)?

The two most troublesome personal feng shui numbers I've seen this year are people who are #2's or #8's and Jon and Kate are no exception. He's a 2 and she's an 8. Double whammy.

Rumor on the internet is that they're both cheating on each other and neither one wants to try to make the marriage work. It's expected that they'll announce they're getting a divorce soon.

It's too bad if that's the case. I've never seen their show but with 8 kids, her success as an author and who knows what else it has to be a struggle to keep the marriage thriving.

Whenever I see a situation like this I take a look at both parties Relationship directions to see what's going on there. This year Jon has the New Beginnings Star on his Relationship direction. If he and Kate were closer it could be a 'new beginning' to their relationship.

But for Jon it appears the 'new beginning' is with a 23 year old teacher he's suspected of having an affair with.

Kate's Relationship direction has the Illness Star on it. This means that people in her life are going to create problems for her that wear her down physically, mentally and even emotionally.

It also means she has to work harder to make her relationships work. Something she said she's not willing to do when it come to her marriage with Jon.

On top of that there is the Disaster Star that sits on middle aged men (age 30-60 in feng shui terms). Jon is 32 years old so falls right into that group. For him it appears that the disaster is the end to his relationship with his wife. It may become even more disasterous when it comes to an actual divorce.

In addition to that the Robbery Star sits on Families this year. In general this means families will experience a downturn in their finances, an increase in expenses or loss of money in some other way. It can also mean legal problems like divorce.

Put the troublesome feng shui Stars all together and it's easy to see why this year Jon & Kate may call it quits.

This goes to show you that it's important to take time to connect with your partner or spouse. Show them that you care, have a date night once a week and set up your feng shui to bring back the intimacy between you.

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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Drew Peterson, Feng Shui & Middle Aged Men

I don't know about you but the first interview I saw with Drew Peterson gave me the creeps. He was eerily calm about the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacey Peterson, and even had a smirk on his face when asked about her disappearance.

If you don't remember Drew he's the police office from Bolingbrook, IL who has been married four times. Drew went through nasty divorce from his third wife, Kathleen Savio, to marry his 20 year old mistress, Stacey.
Then in March 2004 Kathleen's body was found face down in her bathtub. Drew, still a police officer at the time, is the one who 'found' her. In Oct. 2007 his fourth wife, Stacey Peterson, 'disappeared' and has not been heard from since.

Kathleen's death which was initially ruled a suicide was re-investigated after Stacey disappeared. People thought there might be a pattern to Drew's ex-wife saga and started to raise questions about what really happened.

The authorities began to wonder too and decided to re-examine Kathleen's body. This time her death was ruled a homocide and Drew was arrested as the primary suspect.

His personal feng shui this year is ideal for legal problems and indictments. Let's start with his feng shui Success direction. This year he has the feng shui Conflict Star there meanining people are going to create problems for him and his success in life.

This month is the worst possible month for his Success because the Disaster Star is there as well. This can create major legal problems especially if you haven't been a model citizen to begin with.

Drew Peterson's feng shui Relationship Direction has the Star of New Beginnings for 2009. Interestingly enough Drew was engaged to be married again which is certainly a new beginning.

But making new friends in jail falls into that category as well.

This month his Relationship direction has the Conflict Star on it. When you combine this Star with the New Beginnings Star you can end up with lawsuits.

So this month Peterson has two directions (Success & Relationships) ripe for legal problems like being arrested.

The final straw for him is the Disaster Star that sits on middle aged men for 2009 and the Robbery Star that sits on this group of men for the month of May. This is a very negative feng shui Flying Star combination that can lead to major financial losses, violent robberies and other personal disasters.

Put all three pieces together in combination with his suspected murderous behavior and you get perfect feng shui timing for his arrest.

And you thought feng shui was just about clearing clutter.

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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh, Man-ny!

Well the Disaster Star that's plaguing middle aged men struck again today. Manny Ramirez, the 9 time Silver Slugger for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was banned from playing baseball for the team's next 50 games. He is also being fined 1/3 of his $25 million contract with the team too.


Though the drug testing board won't say what drug they found the news agencies are saying it's a drug linked to stimulating the body after steroid use has ended.

Looking at Manny's feng shui he has a couple of feng shui Flying Stars working against him. The first is the Disaster Star that sits on middle aged men. If you pay attention to the news you'll see there have been a lot of the stories about this group of men ranging from those who've been in the news for shooting their families to those swindling investor assets. And now another one for drug abuse.

On top of that this month the Robbery Star is on middle aged men this month. That means more men in this category will lose their jobs or experience financial loss. That's where the $8 million fine Manny has to pay comes in.

On top of that this same Flying Star combination sits on his Wisdom direction meaning the choices he makes this year are going to be life changing. But these changes don't have to be negative unless you choose badly or use poor judgment. Too bad Manny Ramirez didn't think of that this year.

If he only knew about feng shui he might have made a different choice. Knowing your 4 personal best directions ( and the feng shui Flying Stars ( that affect them can save you money and headaches. Go get yours today.

The Secret Behind the Lawsuit Against Rhonda Byrne

Even if you haven't seen the movie The Secret odds are that you've heard about it or read the book. The success of this film that relied solely on viral marketing to get the word out about it has been phenomenal and made Rhonda Byrne, the film's creator, a wealthy woman.

But not everyone was exactly happy for Rhonda. In fact Drew Heriot, the film's co-creator, filed a lawsuit against her in April of 2008 saying she had not paid him the millions of dollars she promised.

I did some searching to find out more about the issue and came across the names of some other people who had been filmed for The Secret but did not appear in the final version of the film. Two of those people were Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks (

In an article Gay wrote for the Huffington Post he says that lack of integrity played a role in Rhonda's troubles. He and his wife wanted to show all aspects of the Law of Attraction while Rhonda's preference was to only focus on the positive side of it.

It was interesting to read this article because it ties into the 3 Lucks Feng Shui Masters talk about: Heaven Luck, Human Luck and Earth Luck. Integrity is all about using your Human Luck and apparently there were people who felt Rhonda's film was not created in that light.

What's even more interesting is to look at Rhonda's feng shui back in April 2008. When someone sues you or is angry with you it's a good idea to look at your Relationship and Wisdom directions to see which feng shui Flying Stars are sitting there because both of these areas will tell you 1) why you were sued and 2) whether you will be victorious in the end (assuming you know when the trial will be held).

At the time Drew filed the suit against Rhonda she had the Illness/Robbery Star combination on her Relationships (meaning her relationships were going to create stress and headaches for her and cost her money) and she had a Robbery/Conflict Star combination on her Wisdom direction (meaning her ideas were going to cost her money and could even bring a lawsuit). It's no wonder Drew filed the lawsuit at this time because the feng shui was perfect for something like this to happen.

The lawsuit hasn't gone to trial yet and may be settled out of court and this would be a good year to bring this problem to an end. The reason is that Rhonda has some decent feng shui Flying Stars on her Wisdom and Relationship directions this year. But ultimately it's going to create problems for her career.

If she waits until next year she will surely lose and lose big because the Disaster Star is on her Wisdom direction next year, the Fire Star is on her Relationship direction (meaning she will not get the support she needs to win) and the Illness Star will be on her Success direction creating cash flow problems.


Did this international fame and recognition that Rhonda gained from her movie have to turn out like this? No.

In fact I have found that when you do the right things, lay a positive foundation and put your best foot forward then the negative feng shui Flying Stars are more likely to affect you like a mosquito bite (annoying) than being hit by a truck (disasterous).

On top of that using your feng shui remedies for the negative Flying Stars is always beneficial too because they can reduce the effects of these Stars by 70 to 90 percent. Who wouldn't want that even if you're as squeaky clean as Mother Theresa?

The bottom line is: put your best foot forward every day and get your Flying Star remedies in place ( That way you've got the best luck on your side every month and every year.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idols' Winning Feng Shui

Well, American Idol is down to the final 3 contestants: Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

All three guys are incredibly talented and all three have their own style. Their Human Luck is probably about equal across the board.

But what about their Earth Luck (feng shui)? That's where the odds are clearly in one contestants corner. Let's take a look.

Danny Gokey is one of America's favorites. He comes across as a nice guy, has a great family and people empathize with the untimely and unfortunate loss of his wife to cancer.

Since people vote for the contestants each week the Relationshp direction is the one we want to look at when it comes to feng shui. Danny's feng shui for the year is certainly on his side. In fact he has the New Beginnings/Career Star on his Relationship direction.

But this month he has the Conflict Star working against him. Since the New Beginnings Star feeds the Conflict Star this means it will be harder for him to connect with the audience this month.

Then there's Adam Lambert, the Rocker. He's a natural on stage and people love him. But his feng shui is really tough this year and even more so this month because he has a Transformation/Robbery Star combination.

The Transformation Star has been great for Adam's relationships this year but it can also turn on him just as fast. On top of that the Robbery Star on his Relationship direction can mean that someone takes something from him this month, like the winning spot on American Idol.

So that leaves Kris Allen. Kris has a fabulous combination on his Relationship direction this month: the Windfall/Abundance star combination. Nothing could be better for a competition like this one.

Feng shui is only 1/3 of their total luck but since Kris, Danny & Adam are all talented their feng shui could be the one thing that tips the scales in Kris' favor. We'll find out for sure in the next three weeks.
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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Feng Shui Behind Pakistanis' Troubles

We have a saying in feng shui that there are 3 kinds of luck:
  • Heaven Luck - also known as destiny or fate
  • Human Luck - your talents, skills, relationships, etc.
  • Earth Luck - where you live and your feng shui

Each area is 33 percent of your total luck and your Human and Earth Luck can be changed by you while it is believed that your Heaven Luck is fixed and unchangeable.

But if you are Pakistani it may not be as easy to change your life as it would be if you were an American. And since where you live makes up part of your Earth Luck your country can play a huge factor in the overall outcome of your feng shui.

Life in Pakistan has never been portrayed as a day in the park by newspaper accounts but this year is particularly difficult for the people of Mingora, Pakistan. The Taliban is moving into town and over 500,000 are expected to flee the city.

If you look at a wall map of the world you'll see that Pakistan sits in the Eastern part of the world. This year the feng shui Flying Star known as the Violence Star sits in the east meaning fighting and violence will be greater in that part of the world than usual.

On top of that the city of Mingora sits in the Northeastern part of Pakistan. This year the Conflict Star is in the Northeast meaning more arguments and disagreements are likey in this part of the country than other areas. The Taliban moving in to Mingora has certainly created a lot of conflict and hardship for the citizens of that city.

This month is particularly volatile for that area because the monthly Flying Stars in the east and northeast are extremely negative and powerful. The east has a Double Violence Star this month meaning it's quite possible we'll hear of deaths and violence as a result of the Taliban coming into town.

On top of that the Disaster Star lands in the northeast this month. When this Star hooks up with the Conflict Star it creates violent arguments, disagreement and disaster...all of which the citizens of Mingora, Pakistan are experiencing right now.

What's happening in this part of the world is a tragic example of the awesome power of feng shui. When you're experiencing a tough time in your life and negative Flying Stars come in they can turn your whole world upside down in disasterous ways.

When things are going well for you and positive Flying Stars come in you can experience incredible miracles.

These are the yin/yang energies at their best and at their worst.

Fortunately you can control the energy of feng shui wherever you live by 1) knowing your power directions (Success, Health, Relationship, & Wisdom) and 2) knowing which Flying Stars will affect you, your country and your city this year and every month.

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Mickey Mouse, Kids and Feng Shui

Disney reported that their profits were down 46 percent for their fiscal second-quarter. I hate to tell them this but it's likely to get worse, from a feng shui perspective that is.

Here's why. This year we have two stars that are unfavorable for Disney. The first is the Illness Star which sits in the area of Children. For Disney the Illness Star can create anemic cash flow because their primary clients for their theme parks, DVDs, CDs, books, movies, etc. is children.

On top of that the Disaster Star sits in the area of the Rat this year. Mickey Mouse is not only Disney's icon but also the primary character people associate with the Disney company. The Disaster Star can bring about loss of money, bankruptcy and even 'death' of a company. It's not likely Disney will go under but they've got a rough year ahead of them.

If only they used Flying Star feng shui remedies in their parks and at their headquarters it would help them to reduce this energy quite a bit. That way the year would feel more like a speed bump than a head on collision.

If you're life feels like you're headed off course I'd recommend that you look at your feng shui. More specifically you're personal Success, Health, Relationship and Wisdom directions which are based on your birthday. Then find out which Flying Stars are sitting there this year and activate the good ones and remedy the negative ones with feng shui.

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Feng Shui & Mother's Day - A Perfect Combination

This year Mother's Day falls on a perfect day in a terrific feng shui terms that is.

In feng shui Motherhood is tied to the direction Southwest and in 2009 the Windfall Star sits on Motherhood all year long. This means more women can get pregnant unexpectedly this year or become mothers (or step mothers) this year.

During the month of May we also have the Long-Term Abundance Star in the Southwest. This combination with the yearly Windfall star can create emotional upsets so if you give your mom a sentimental photo or other gift don't be surprised if the tears start to flow.

And Sunday, May 10 the feng shui Flying Star of New Beginnings sits on Motherhood as well meaning that if you've had disagreements with your mom in the past, Mother's Day is a great day to wipe the slate clean and start over.

If you're a mom I hope you have a great Mother's Day and if you're not I hope you get to enjoy time with your mother this Sunday.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Mystery Donor Gives Millions

Have you heard about the mystery donor who's giving millions to colleges around the country? The common thread among all these schools is that they are run by women.

It's no surprise that this philanthropist chose this year to give the money to female run schools because the feng shui star of Fame/Recognition and middle aged women sits front and center this year. That means women aged 30-60 will be in the spotlight more this year than usual, like Michelle Obama for example.

The money is going to scholarships for women and minorities. It's a welcome gift at a time when tuition is rising and parents are cutting back on expenses.

Since this feng shui energy hasn't peaked yet you can expect to see more donations to come.

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Friday, May 1, 2009

Extreme Astro-Feng Shui May 5 to Jun 4, 2009

This month the Illness Star sits in the heart of the feng shui ba gau meaning that Illness is the dominant theme for the country, businesses and households in May.

The Illness Star is the least negative of the four unfortunate feng shui Flying Stars but this month the energy is double. This means an increase in colds, flu, fevers and other illnesses for people all over the world. It also means that if you have an ongoing illness that isn't well controlled this could be a tough month for you health-wise so take care of yourself. If you're overly tired take a nap or go to bed earlier at night. If you need a day off take one. If you need to seek medical help then do it. This is the month to listen to your body when it tells you to slow down.

For businesses it creates anemic cash flow so it's not an ideal month to promote your products, advertise or launch a major sales campaign because the revenue you generate will not be as good as you'd like. Wait until a better month to promote your products or services.

Middle aged men, listen up. This is a year of transition for you. In the long run this transition will be beneficial even if it doesn't seem that way in the short-run. The Star that sits on you this year will create changes in your career meaning your odds of losing your job, changing jobs, or even starting your own business are much higher this year than usual. This is the year you want to stop and think about where your career is headed and what you want to do with the rest of your life.

The reason I'm telling you this is that it's important to know what the theme for the year is because May is going to seem a bit turbulent for you. The Robbery Star sits on middle aged men this month and since it combines with the Transition Star for the year it can bring about loss of job, loss of money, robbery and in an abrupt or even extreme way.

The other name for this Star is the Violence Star so it's quite possible we'll see an increase in violent crimes by middle aged men this month or even to middle aged men.

Just like when your weatherman predicts a storm you may never feel a drop of rain at your house. The same is true for feng shui Flying Stars. Not every middle aged man will be affected by them the same way it just increases the chances of being affected by them.

I've found that in most cases (like 80% of the time) YOU have to do something to trigger the negative stars. So if you're company is going under and you've been pretending everything is fine guess what...this is likely the month everything will come crashing down. If you work for a great company that has strong revenues then you may lose a dime on the way to work and that's the end of your experience with these stars. It all depends, which is why I recommend using the Time Feng Shui activations and cures each month to create the best possible energy for you.

Now let's look at middle aged women. This is a great year for you (you went through the energy of the Transition Star last year so you won't see it again for a while) and May brings the possibility of an unexpected financial windfall or opportunity for you. Keep an eye out because not everyone notices opportunity knocking when it shows up at their door.

The only challenge you may have this month is mental stress due to people arguing at work or at home or relationship challenges.