Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Mickey Mouse, Kids and Feng Shui

Disney reported that their profits were down 46 percent for their fiscal second-quarter. I hate to tell them this but it's likely to get worse, from a feng shui perspective that is.

Here's why. This year we have two stars that are unfavorable for Disney. The first is the Illness Star which sits in the area of Children. For Disney the Illness Star can create anemic cash flow because their primary clients for their theme parks, DVDs, CDs, books, movies, etc. is children.

On top of that the Disaster Star sits in the area of the Rat this year. Mickey Mouse is not only Disney's icon but also the primary character people associate with the Disney company. The Disaster Star can bring about loss of money, bankruptcy and even 'death' of a company. It's not likely Disney will go under but they've got a rough year ahead of them.

If only they used Flying Star feng shui remedies in their parks and at their headquarters it would help them to reduce this energy quite a bit. That way the year would feel more like a speed bump than a head on collision.

If you're life feels like you're headed off course I'd recommend that you look at your feng shui. More specifically you're personal Success, Health, Relationship and Wisdom directions which are based on your birthday. Then find out which Flying Stars are sitting there this year and activate the good ones and remedy the negative ones with feng shui.

You can get your personal directions here: http://www.moreloveandmoney.com/ and your Flying Star information here: http://www.timefengshui.com/.

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