Friday, May 1, 2009

Extreme Astro-Feng Shui May 5 to Jun 4, 2009

This month the Illness Star sits in the heart of the feng shui ba gau meaning that Illness is the dominant theme for the country, businesses and households in May.

The Illness Star is the least negative of the four unfortunate feng shui Flying Stars but this month the energy is double. This means an increase in colds, flu, fevers and other illnesses for people all over the world. It also means that if you have an ongoing illness that isn't well controlled this could be a tough month for you health-wise so take care of yourself. If you're overly tired take a nap or go to bed earlier at night. If you need a day off take one. If you need to seek medical help then do it. This is the month to listen to your body when it tells you to slow down.

For businesses it creates anemic cash flow so it's not an ideal month to promote your products, advertise or launch a major sales campaign because the revenue you generate will not be as good as you'd like. Wait until a better month to promote your products or services.

Middle aged men, listen up. This is a year of transition for you. In the long run this transition will be beneficial even if it doesn't seem that way in the short-run. The Star that sits on you this year will create changes in your career meaning your odds of losing your job, changing jobs, or even starting your own business are much higher this year than usual. This is the year you want to stop and think about where your career is headed and what you want to do with the rest of your life.

The reason I'm telling you this is that it's important to know what the theme for the year is because May is going to seem a bit turbulent for you. The Robbery Star sits on middle aged men this month and since it combines with the Transition Star for the year it can bring about loss of job, loss of money, robbery and in an abrupt or even extreme way.

The other name for this Star is the Violence Star so it's quite possible we'll see an increase in violent crimes by middle aged men this month or even to middle aged men.

Just like when your weatherman predicts a storm you may never feel a drop of rain at your house. The same is true for feng shui Flying Stars. Not every middle aged man will be affected by them the same way it just increases the chances of being affected by them.

I've found that in most cases (like 80% of the time) YOU have to do something to trigger the negative stars. So if you're company is going under and you've been pretending everything is fine guess what...this is likely the month everything will come crashing down. If you work for a great company that has strong revenues then you may lose a dime on the way to work and that's the end of your experience with these stars. It all depends, which is why I recommend using the Time Feng Shui activations and cures each month to create the best possible energy for you.

Now let's look at middle aged women. This is a great year for you (you went through the energy of the Transition Star last year so you won't see it again for a while) and May brings the possibility of an unexpected financial windfall or opportunity for you. Keep an eye out because not everyone notices opportunity knocking when it shows up at their door.

The only challenge you may have this month is mental stress due to people arguing at work or at home or relationship challenges.

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Elaine Marolakos Edelson said...

Thanks Chriss. This validates what my 53 year old hubby is undergoing. We've got our cures in place (thanks for that) and are seeing minimal 'stuff' as a result of the extra support. Great blog. Elaine