Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Feng Shui Behind Pakistanis' Troubles

We have a saying in feng shui that there are 3 kinds of luck:
  • Heaven Luck - also known as destiny or fate
  • Human Luck - your talents, skills, relationships, etc.
  • Earth Luck - where you live and your feng shui

Each area is 33 percent of your total luck and your Human and Earth Luck can be changed by you while it is believed that your Heaven Luck is fixed and unchangeable.

But if you are Pakistani it may not be as easy to change your life as it would be if you were an American. And since where you live makes up part of your Earth Luck your country can play a huge factor in the overall outcome of your feng shui.

Life in Pakistan has never been portrayed as a day in the park by newspaper accounts but this year is particularly difficult for the people of Mingora, Pakistan. The Taliban is moving into town and over 500,000 are expected to flee the city.

If you look at a wall map of the world you'll see that Pakistan sits in the Eastern part of the world. This year the feng shui Flying Star known as the Violence Star sits in the east meaning fighting and violence will be greater in that part of the world than usual.

On top of that the city of Mingora sits in the Northeastern part of Pakistan. This year the Conflict Star is in the Northeast meaning more arguments and disagreements are likey in this part of the country than other areas. The Taliban moving in to Mingora has certainly created a lot of conflict and hardship for the citizens of that city.

This month is particularly volatile for that area because the monthly Flying Stars in the east and northeast are extremely negative and powerful. The east has a Double Violence Star this month meaning it's quite possible we'll hear of deaths and violence as a result of the Taliban coming into town.

On top of that the Disaster Star lands in the northeast this month. When this Star hooks up with the Conflict Star it creates violent arguments, disagreement and disaster...all of which the citizens of Mingora, Pakistan are experiencing right now.

What's happening in this part of the world is a tragic example of the awesome power of feng shui. When you're experiencing a tough time in your life and negative Flying Stars come in they can turn your whole world upside down in disasterous ways.

When things are going well for you and positive Flying Stars come in you can experience incredible miracles.

These are the yin/yang energies at their best and at their worst.

Fortunately you can control the energy of feng shui wherever you live by 1) knowing your power directions (Success, Health, Relationship, & Wisdom) and 2) knowing which Flying Stars will affect you, your country and your city this year and every month.

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