Sunday, May 31, 2009

Robin Soderling's Excellent Fate

Four time French Open champion Rafael Nadal was defeated by Robin Soderling today. The number 1 ranked tennis player was expected to easily defeat Soderling so the upset came as quite a shock to the tennis world.

Let's look at Rafael Nadal's personal feng shui for clues about today's loss and see if it tells us anything.
First off Nadal has the feng shui Flying Star associated with Windfalls on his Success direction this year. On top of that he has the Flying Star of Abundance on his Success direction this month. This is a great combination and likely helped Nadal today.

But when you're an athlete the most important direction is your Health direction. Nadal's Health direction also has a great feng shui Star on it this year. It's the Star of New Beginnings. But this month the Conflict Star is on his Health direction too. This combination of feng shui stars very likely created problems for Nadal and since his Health is directly tied to his profession as a tennis pro they tripped him up this month.

Now here's the funny thing. Robin Soderling has the exact same feng shui Stars working for him this year and this month, they're just reversed. So Soderling has the New Beginning/Conflict Stars on his Success meaning that he was bound to create controversy and at the same time launch his career in a new direction this month.

Then he has the Windfall/Abundance Stars on his Health direction this month which is a much better feng shui Star combination for winning if you're an athlete.

Feng Shui Masters believe that your Destiny, which is tied to your personal best directions and the feng shui Flying Stars that sit on those directions, accounts for 1/3 of your total luck in life. When you combine this information with your Human Luck (your talents and skills) and your Earth Luck (feng shui of your home and office) you have greater control over your life and can navigate tough times easier and accomplish more in great times.

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