Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idols' Winning Feng Shui

Well, American Idol is down to the final 3 contestants: Danny Gokey, Kris Allen and Adam Lambert.

All three guys are incredibly talented and all three have their own style. Their Human Luck is probably about equal across the board.

But what about their Earth Luck (feng shui)? That's where the odds are clearly in one contestants corner. Let's take a look.

Danny Gokey is one of America's favorites. He comes across as a nice guy, has a great family and people empathize with the untimely and unfortunate loss of his wife to cancer.

Since people vote for the contestants each week the Relationshp direction is the one we want to look at when it comes to feng shui. Danny's feng shui for the year is certainly on his side. In fact he has the New Beginnings/Career Star on his Relationship direction.

But this month he has the Conflict Star working against him. Since the New Beginnings Star feeds the Conflict Star this means it will be harder for him to connect with the audience this month.

Then there's Adam Lambert, the Rocker. He's a natural on stage and people love him. But his feng shui is really tough this year and even more so this month because he has a Transformation/Robbery Star combination.

The Transformation Star has been great for Adam's relationships this year but it can also turn on him just as fast. On top of that the Robbery Star on his Relationship direction can mean that someone takes something from him this month, like the winning spot on American Idol.

So that leaves Kris Allen. Kris has a fabulous combination on his Relationship direction this month: the Windfall/Abundance star combination. Nothing could be better for a competition like this one.

Feng shui is only 1/3 of their total luck but since Kris, Danny & Adam are all talented their feng shui could be the one thing that tips the scales in Kris' favor. We'll find out for sure in the next three weeks.
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