Thursday, May 28, 2009

Crazy Women in the Media

Today was like a feeding frenzy for news about crazy women. The local news talked about Casey Anthony's trial for the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony.

Right after that the Today Show talked about Bonnie Sweeten's elaborate (but not well planned) story about being abducted and kidnapped along with her daughter. Turns out Bonnie was just on a trip to Disney World with her daughter after fighting with her husband.

And then came the story about Sara Jane Moore's attempted assassination of former President Ford back in 1975.

What's with all these women? Well if you look at my blog from way back when you can read all about Casey Anthony and her feng shui ties to O.J. Simpson so I won't repeat myself here.

As for Bonnie Sweeten's feng shui it shows that any attempts at moving forward in her job or life this year are going to be met with conflict and arguments. This may be what triggered her to leave her husband this week unexpectedly and to steal and use a co-workers ID to try to cover her tracks.

The interesting part is that her Relationship direction has the star of New Beginnings which means that she and her husband had an opportunity to either a) make changes that moved their marriage in a new direction or b) decide that it's time to call it quits. But this new twist of running away, dragging her daughter into the middle of everything and then alarming the authorities on top of it means that her new relationships will be with attorneys, the law and possibly other inmates.

As for Sara Jane Moore who attempted to assasinate former President Gerald Ford back in 1975 she picked a really good year to carry out such an attempt because the feng shui Stars on her Success and Relationships were both tied to injury with sharp objects in Sept. 1975.

The problem was that her Relationship direction was also associated with lawsuits and she surely got that in spades. In fact the month she was sentenced her feng shui Stars created what feng shui masters call 'crazy women' Stars. Interestingly enough Sara Jane told Matt Lauer people called her 'a kook, an alien and a monster.' Sara Jane was sentenced to life in prison but was released back in 2007 after 32 years in jail.

Feng shui does an amazing job of explaining what is possible in your life from month to month and year to year. It's like the catalyst that triggers events in your life whether you want them to or not.

But unlike astrology feng shui also gives you the remedies for negative Flying Stars and the activations for positive Flying Stars so that you don't have to be at the mercy of this energy. Instead feng shui allows you to neutralize, enhance or work with it so that you move in tandem together like dance partners.

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