Thursday, May 7, 2009

Oh, Man-ny!

Well the Disaster Star that's plaguing middle aged men struck again today. Manny Ramirez, the 9 time Silver Slugger for the Los Angeles Dodgers, was banned from playing baseball for the team's next 50 games. He is also being fined 1/3 of his $25 million contract with the team too.


Though the drug testing board won't say what drug they found the news agencies are saying it's a drug linked to stimulating the body after steroid use has ended.

Looking at Manny's feng shui he has a couple of feng shui Flying Stars working against him. The first is the Disaster Star that sits on middle aged men. If you pay attention to the news you'll see there have been a lot of the stories about this group of men ranging from those who've been in the news for shooting their families to those swindling investor assets. And now another one for drug abuse.

On top of that this month the Robbery Star is on middle aged men this month. That means more men in this category will lose their jobs or experience financial loss. That's where the $8 million fine Manny has to pay comes in.

On top of that this same Flying Star combination sits on his Wisdom direction meaning the choices he makes this year are going to be life changing. But these changes don't have to be negative unless you choose badly or use poor judgment. Too bad Manny Ramirez didn't think of that this year.

If he only knew about feng shui he might have made a different choice. Knowing your 4 personal best directions ( and the feng shui Flying Stars ( that affect them can save you money and headaches. Go get yours today.

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