Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Secret Behind the Lawsuit Against Rhonda Byrne

Even if you haven't seen the movie The Secret odds are that you've heard about it or read the book. The success of this film that relied solely on viral marketing to get the word out about it has been phenomenal and made Rhonda Byrne, the film's creator, a wealthy woman.

But not everyone was exactly happy for Rhonda. In fact Drew Heriot, the film's co-creator, filed a lawsuit against her in April of 2008 saying she had not paid him the millions of dollars she promised.

I did some searching to find out more about the issue and came across the names of some other people who had been filmed for The Secret but did not appear in the final version of the film. Two of those people were Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks (

In an article Gay wrote for the Huffington Post he says that lack of integrity played a role in Rhonda's troubles. He and his wife wanted to show all aspects of the Law of Attraction while Rhonda's preference was to only focus on the positive side of it.

It was interesting to read this article because it ties into the 3 Lucks Feng Shui Masters talk about: Heaven Luck, Human Luck and Earth Luck. Integrity is all about using your Human Luck and apparently there were people who felt Rhonda's film was not created in that light.

What's even more interesting is to look at Rhonda's feng shui back in April 2008. When someone sues you or is angry with you it's a good idea to look at your Relationship and Wisdom directions to see which feng shui Flying Stars are sitting there because both of these areas will tell you 1) why you were sued and 2) whether you will be victorious in the end (assuming you know when the trial will be held).

At the time Drew filed the suit against Rhonda she had the Illness/Robbery Star combination on her Relationships (meaning her relationships were going to create stress and headaches for her and cost her money) and she had a Robbery/Conflict Star combination on her Wisdom direction (meaning her ideas were going to cost her money and could even bring a lawsuit). It's no wonder Drew filed the lawsuit at this time because the feng shui was perfect for something like this to happen.

The lawsuit hasn't gone to trial yet and may be settled out of court and this would be a good year to bring this problem to an end. The reason is that Rhonda has some decent feng shui Flying Stars on her Wisdom and Relationship directions this year. But ultimately it's going to create problems for her career.

If she waits until next year she will surely lose and lose big because the Disaster Star is on her Wisdom direction next year, the Fire Star is on her Relationship direction (meaning she will not get the support she needs to win) and the Illness Star will be on her Success direction creating cash flow problems.


Did this international fame and recognition that Rhonda gained from her movie have to turn out like this? No.

In fact I have found that when you do the right things, lay a positive foundation and put your best foot forward then the negative feng shui Flying Stars are more likely to affect you like a mosquito bite (annoying) than being hit by a truck (disasterous).

On top of that using your feng shui remedies for the negative Flying Stars is always beneficial too because they can reduce the effects of these Stars by 70 to 90 percent. Who wouldn't want that even if you're as squeaky clean as Mother Theresa?

The bottom line is: put your best foot forward every day and get your Flying Star remedies in place ( That way you've got the best luck on your side every month and every year.

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