Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ron Howard's Personal Feng Shui Angel

Ron Howard has done it again. This week's release of 'Angels & Demons,' the movie version of Dan Brown's book of the same name, is #1 at the box office.

While Ron is a brilliant director there's no doubt that his personal feng shui is playing a role in his success this year too.

For 2009 he has a fabulous Feng Shui Flying Star on his Relationship direction. The Star is called the Relationship Star so when it's in your Relationship direction it's like doubling your luck when it comes to attracting people to your projects, getting them to show up for your movies, connecting with your audience and having people sing your praises. It's an ideal Star to have working for you if you're a politician, singer, writer or even movie director because people will support you without you really even having to try to gain their support.

On top of that Ron Howard has the Long-Term Abundance Flying Star on his Success direction. that means his work (making movies) will bring him long-term investments and projects that are very financially rewarding. This year he'll have the choice of a number of opportunities that come his way.

His challenge will be making the right decision because this year he has the Feng Shui Disaster Star on his Wisdom direction. This can cause you to make disasterous decisions for yourself. On the flip side, though, this Star can create amazing transformation in your life that lead you in a wonderful new direction.

When your Feng Shui Flying Stars are good your life is good. But when they're challenging it can feel like things are blowing up around you for no reason.

You can take control of your Feng Shui luck by getting your personal 12 month feng shui predictions. What's even better is that I'll tell you exactly how to make the bad Stars virtually disappear and make the good Stars shine even brighter for you.

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