Friday, May 22, 2009

How to Avoid Taxes Just Like Helio Castroneves

Today 2 time Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves was aquitted of tax evasion charges here in South Florida. The former 'Dancing With the Stars' Champ was charged last year with 6 counts of evading more than $2.3 million in with the help of his attorney sister.

But today with the help of his lawyer, the jury and great feng shui all but one charge, which resulted in a hung jury, were dropped. Castroneves was in tears.

So just how did his personal feng shui work for him? Well, this year Helio has the feng shui Cash Flow Star on his Success direction. This means he's likely to make a good deal of money this year through his career but it can also help you hang onto your money if someone wants to take it from you. In other words, your outcome will be successful for you.

There's also a great feng shui Flying Star combination on the general Relationship direction this month that's associated with a windfall that leads to long-term abundance. That means that a windfall will come as a result of your relationships, in this case the jury and his attorney, that will benefit you in the long run. Since this direction is another one of Helio's personal best directions it helped him out too.

On top of that the feng shui Flying Star combination over Florida, where the trial was held, is also fabulous this month bringing him even more luck.

Feng shui counts for 1/3 of your total luck so it's important to use feng shui not only in your surroundings but also look at the feng shui that directly affects your Health, your Relationships, your Success and your Wisdom. Once you have all this it's like having the keys to your castle (or successfully keeping the IRS out of your wallet).

Get your 12 Month Personal Feng Shui Outlook here so that you know how the feng shui Flying Stars will affect you.


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