Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Allen Stanford's Disappearance

Another wealthy financier swindles people out of billions. Too bad that line has become cliche'.

Allen Stanford didn't run a hedge fund. Instead he conned people into believing his CDs could generate unbelievably high returns and people believed him. Have we not learned yet that 'if it sounds too good to be true it probably is'? I'm beginning to question people's intelligence lately when it comes to finances.

But that's really not even the worst part. Now he's disappeared and no one can find him. Plus his feng shui is on his side this year.

Despite having the Conflict Star on his Success he has the fabulous New Beginnings Star on his Relationships and the Windfall Star on his Wisdom. This combination can mean that he gets a brilliant insight and convinces people who don't really know him but like his ideas to help him stay hidden from the world.

It wouldn't even be surprising if he conviced wealthy people or officials in the country he's hiding in that he can make them money. With the feng shui he has this year he can be quite convincing.

It may not be that difficult either since in addition to having U.S. citizenship he's also a citizen of Antigua/Barbuda. The funny thing is that if he's hiding out on one of these Caribbean Islands it would be the right place for him this year. These two islands are on the Eastern most side of the Caribbean string, right where the Robbery Star sits this year.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Salma Hayek Gets Married

Actress Salma Hayek and billionaire businessman Francios-Henri Pinault got married today after a rocky romance over the past several years. They already have a daughter together, Valentina Paloma.

It's makes sense that Francios would marry this month. He has the star associated with new opportunities coming from out of the blue on his Relationship direction.

Salma, on the other hand, has a tougher combination. She has the Illness Star for the year and the Robbery Star for the month on her Relationship direction. Not the best combination for starting married life together.

She even has the conflict star associated with long-term commitments on her Wisdom direction. Again, not the best combination for marriage.

This may be a tough year for Salma as a bride but Francios will fare better. Hopefully Salma will be able to get through using her Human Luck and feng shui remedies to support her.

Don't let bad feng shui get in your way. Use activations and cures to support you throughout the year.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Valentine's Day Feng Shui Tips

It's that time of year again...Valentine's Day! Some of my less than romantic friends call it a Hallmark holiday, but I still like it.

If you're single and looking for Mr. Right you can start by placing a vase of peonies in the Southwest area of your home. If you can't get live flowers then place an image of peonies in a pink or rose colored frame instead.

Looking for Ms. Right? Place 2 stalks of bamboo in a vase or a bamboo plant in the Southwest instead.

If you're already in a relationship and want to spice things up again place a picture of you and your sweetheart in a loving embrace in the Southwest area of your bedroom.

Don't forget to make your bedroom a haven for two. Make sure there are 2 pillows, 2 night stands, and 2 lamps (if you have bedside lamps).

Also bring in colors that are romantic to you. Beige carpet, walls and bedspreads are too ho-hum for romance (but can be great for sleeping). Have some colorful throw pillows or accent pieces in your bedroom to make it more inviting.

If you want to bring romance into your life even faster then feng shui your personal Relationship direction rather than the Southwest. You can get this information in 4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life and Fatten Up Your Wallet here:

What Stewart Parnell and OJ Simpson Have in Common

One of my favorite things in the whole world is peanut butter and I have the waistline to prove it. So the news of Peanut Corp of America's salmonella outbreak was devastating and the stories about the deaths were heartbreaking.

And then came Stewart Parnell's testimony before the House panel yesterday. Or lack of testimony I should say since he kept invoking his 5th Amendment rights.

It's too bad Parnell owner of Peanut Corp of America didn't do the right thing when health tests reported salmonella poisoning the first time because this could have been a stellar year for him if he had.

Stewart Parnell has a terrific Flying Star combination on his Success and Relationships this year. Because of this he could have succeeded in entering into some very beneficial long-term contracts. In fact, he already had one with the U.S. Government and completely blew it.

Not only that he has the Relationship Star on his Relationship direction. This means people will support you and be there for you when you need them. Even if you really screw up the right people will be there to back you. This will benefit him during this crisis but it's too bad he didn't use the benefits of this star to help his business instead.

The Stars that really caught up with him this year were the Robbery Star on his Health direction and the Disaster Star on his Wisdom direction.

Putting these two together you get loss of money through health related problems (i.e. the salmonella outbreak) and very bad decision bad, in fact, it cost him his business, his reputation and his livelihood. That's the Disaster Star working in full hurricane force for you.

Here's the thing. Your feng shui doesn't have to work against you. Instead you can get it to work with you. The key is to know your 4 personal best directions ( and use Flying Stars feng shui ( to support you throughout the year.

Because Parnell's Success and Relationship stars are so strong this year don't be surprised if he just gets a slap on the wrist. These are the same kind of stars that worked for OJ Simpson during his murder trial. If he goes to trial next year it will be a completely different story.

Will Lance Armstrong Win Tour de France?

I joined Twitter a few weeks ago and found athlete Lance Armstrong tweeting there. It's been interesting reading his posts about his training and surprise visits from Anti-doping control.

With the Tour de France just a few short months away (July 4 -26) I thought I'd take a look at Armstrong's feng shui and see what his possibilities lie ahead for him.

July is a tricky month for him because the Flying Stars for the month match the Flying Stars for the year. That means his feng shui energy on his Success, Health, Relationships and Wisdom is double at that time.

This year Lance has the Conflict Star on his Success direction meaning that he's likely to get flack from his competitors even more this year than usual. People who do not like him or support him will be especially harsh in July. Expect name calling and more doping accusations to be hurled his way this month.

The Conflict Star on his Success may also mean that someone throws a monkey wrench into his efforts to win the Tour de France this year either before or during the race.

Another area you want to look at when you're looking at athletes is their Health direction. Lance has the Illness Star on his Health this year meaning he will need to rest more this year. During July the Illness energy doubles which could indicate unforseen health problems that come to the surface around race time or an injury that could prevent him from performing as well as he'd like.

If you know Lance tell him to go here to get his feng shui cures and activations ...the sooner the better.
Hard work, unwavering vision and drive are certainly important. But they only make up 33% of your overall luck. Feng shui is another 33% of your luck and when you know how to work with it you can increase your odds of success.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Obama's Bad Picks

Another drop-out from the Obama Cabinet happened today. Senator Judd Gregg pulled his name out of the ring for the position of Commerce Secretary saying he couldn't support the new administration 100 percent.

No wonder because he has the Conflict Star on his Wisdom direction. That means that people may not be receptive to his ideas this year or that he's presented with ideas that conflict with his inner wisdom.

Gregg is the 5th person President Obama has had trouble naming to his cabinet this year and probably won't be the last. That's because he has the Robbery Star on Obama's Wisdom direction this year. That means his decisions are going to cost him in some way throughout 2009. So far he's spent it on political capital to get the stimulus bill passed AND on his picks for the new administration...and the year has only just begun.

On top of this the Robbery Star sits on the area of the feng shui bagua (pronounced bah gwah) that represents Government. Not only does that mean that the government stands to lose a lot of money or spend a lot more money this year than it takes in but it can also mean that it loses out in other ways --- like in talented people that could help the country.

All in all it will be a challenging year for President Obama in terms of his decisions and for all levels of the government: national, state and local. This challenging energy will peak in July so watch for even more difficult news about the economy or Obama's ideas about helping the country then.

On the upside we only have 11 more months to go.

How did SHE Get Picked?

If you're an American Idol addict like me you saw the baffling choice of contestants selected for this season's show.

The choice that got everyone's attention was the judges' decision to pass on Jamal Rogers, Danny Gokey's best friend, and instead go for Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle the lounge lizard).

Even worse was the thumbs up given to Tatiana Del Toro the highly annoying contestant everyone has come to love to hate in two short weeks.
What were the judges thinking? Well, ratings are a factor so that probably had something to do with it.

But feng shui played a role, too. Looking at Nick Mitchell's feng shui I can see that he has the Long-term Abundance Star on his Success direction this year and the Relationship Star on his Relationship direction. This is a fabulous combination for career, networking, marriage and even signing long-term contracts. Even if he doesn't make the top 12 someone will offer him a great opportunity this year.

How about Jamar Rogers. Well, his feng shui is not so lucky this year. He has the Robbery Star on his Success and what's even more interesting is that people are saying he was 'robbed' last night in the final judging. Funny how the words show up to reflect the feng shui.

Jamar also has the Disaster Star on his Relationship direction meaning his friendships are likely to change this year and people may not be as supportive of him as he'd like. In this case the judges didn't support him.

Danny Gokey, Jamar's best friend, did make it through. He has the Conflict Star on his Success this year but the Career Star on his Relationship direction. He could easily be in the top 12 but there may be some controversy that comes up for him.

And then there's Tatiana. I couldn't find her exact date of birth but did find her age. If my calculation is right then she has the Windfall Star on her Success direction. I think we'd all agree that this is probably what kicked in for her this week.

She has the Illness Star on her Relationship direction which usually means that you have to work harder at your relationships or that your relationships wear you down. I think in her case she'll be wearing us down!

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Monday, February 9, 2009

Nadya Suleman & her Octuplets

Nadya Suleman is best known as the mother of the octuplets born on Jan. 26, 2009. At first the world was astounded at the news of the birth of these babies.

Then a short time later they were appalled to hear she had 6 other children. And she is a single mother. And she is unemployed. And that she got pregnant through invitro fertilization.

Her mother spoke out saying her daughter was nuts and obsessed with having children.

Now the world is wondering whether Nadya's mother is right.

All of this conflict on Nadya's decision making ability and her mental health is coming at the exact right time. This year she has the Conflict Star on her Wisdom direction. People will be questioning this decision to have more children all year.

More than likely sometime between Nov. 2009 and early 2010 she'll be diagnosed with some form of mental illness because the Illness Star will land on her Wisdom direction next year. That is if she allows this kind of testing to be done.

Her relationship with her mother will continue to be strained this year as will her relationships with other people. If she wants support from people she's going to have to work at it this year. The Illness Star that sits in her Relationship direction makes relating to others, including her children, more difficult.

In fact caring for all these children could very easily make her sick this year given the Star that sits here. What's worse is that the Illness Star also sits in the Children area of feng shui meaning her children could be more sick than usual this year. It would not be surprising to find out that one or more of her new babies has a long-term illness since they were all born with into this energy.

On another note in addition to being obsessed with children Nadya is said to be obsessed with Angelina Jolie, too. You can't help but notice the similarity in their lips and hair and wonder if it's a coincidence or something else.

And then there's something even weirder. Jolie and Suleman have the same feng shui energy number.

Just goes to show you how different your feng shui can play out for you depending on what choices you make in life.

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

More Fires to Come?

The wildfires burning in Australia have become the deadliest on record there with 84 people killed to date.

Because the Fire Star sits in the center of the feng shui bagua (picture a tic-tac-toe symbol with fire burning in the middle) we can expect more fires around the world this year.

Other likely disasters we can expect are more earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, bombings, and arson activity. These are all associated with the energy of the Fire Star. And because the Fire Star is in the middle no country is immune from its energy.

Make sure your fire alarms are working and your business and homeowners insurance coverage is up to date. Keep a fire extinguisher handy too. Last but not least get your feng shui remedy up for the Fire Star (and the other 8 stars as well) this year:

Dwyane Wade's Streak of Bad Luck

D-Wade, also known as Flash, Miami Heat Superstar isn't having as much luck off the court as he is on it.

His soon-to-be ex-wife, Siohvaughn, has accused the Olympian of adultery and infecting her with an STD. Lovely.

She also says that Dwyane, named Father of the Year in 2007, rarely sees his sons and has cut off financial support to them.

To top it all off he calls himself a devout Christian and says he chose the #3 because it represents the Holy Trinity. Just what I like to see. Another self proclaimed righteous church-goer who turns out to be a hypocrite. Too bad there's no shock value to this kind of story anymore.

Apparently his association with Mavericks High Charter Schools is on thin ice from all this bad publicity. They've taken his name off of the school and are re-thinking their relationship with him.

So why is a guy who had so much going for him for so long suddenly hitting the skids? Take a look at his feng shui and you can see it all.

First his Relationship direction has the Disaster Star on it this year and it's playing out for him this way already. His wife is speaking out against him and the Charter school has dropped him from their website with rumors that they're going to get rid of him all together.

If he had any sponsors waiting in the wings you can be sure they'll disappear this year.

On top of that he's likely to lose a lot of money this year either through his divorce (if I had Siohvaughn's birthday I could tell more), loss of sponsor contracts or spending it frivolously.

In any case it's going to be a rough year for Dwyane which is why he needs some feng shui advice. Using feng shui remedies to calm down the Disaster and Robbery Stars will help a lot.

If you know him tell him to use this to set up his feng shui for 2009:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Starbucks Loses Taste Test

Move over Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts has better coffee. No suprise. I'm not a coffee drinker but my friends who are have been telling me this for years.
If Dunkin Donuts' coffee is so good why are we just hearing about it now? Well, to answer this let's look at Starbucks' feng shui first.

Starbucks' Success direction has the Disaster Star on it this year. The result for them could be that they continue to lose money and close stores OR they could go through a corporate transformation that benefits them in the long run. It's their choice and decisions they've made in the past year will ultimately determine which direction they go.

Even more troubling for the coffee chain is the Robbery Star on its Relationship direction. People have already cut back on their cafe lattes due to economic changes but the Robbery star indicates that these cut backs are likely to escalate. Expect Starbucks' revenue to drop even more this year which compounds the problem of the Disaster Star on their Success.

2009 is going to be a very tough year for Starbucks to say the least.
Dunkin Donuts, on the other hand, has much better feng shui this year. In fact they have the Long-term Abundance Star on their Relationship direction meaning their customers will be more loyal than Starbucks'.

They could also get sold (again) with the buyers making the current owners (Thomas H. Lee Partners, Carlyle Group and Bain Capital LLP) an offer that's very good over the long run.

On top of that the Relationship Star sits on Dunkin Donuts Success direction meaning more customer support for their success and great relationships with vendors, suppliers, investors and potential interested buyers of the company.
Since 2010 will bring a loss of money and conflict to Dunkin Donuts (the feng shui energy changes from year to year) they should enjoy their success while they can.

A-Rod and Steroids

Alex Rodriguez, star baseball player, was accused of steroid use this week after claiming publicly that he never used them. Apparently a random drug test from 2003 proved otherwise.

Back in 2003 A-Rod had a Conflict Star on his Health direction and the Long-term Abundance Star on his Wisdom direction. For him this combination created a health decision that would create problems for him in the long run. It caught up to him this week and it's no wonder it happened this year.

In 2009 Alex has the Conflict Star on his Relationship direction. This means that people will create challenges for him whether it be friends, family, teammates, sponsors or drug testing officials. This star will affect him all year long whether he likes it or not.

On top of that this month isn't even the worst of it for him though it may cause problems with any contracts he's signed or was about to sign. In July the conflict energy doubles for him then doubles again in November. In fact the spotlight could be particularly strong in November.

If he uses his Time feng Shui cures and activations ( he could put the brakes on this energy and make his life easier.

Tough Year for Jessica Simpson

First she was in the spotlight about her weight gain. Now she's in the spotlight for forgetting lyrics at a concert in Michigan and asking the band to start one song over again.

Expect more of this for Jessica this year because the Disaster Star sits smack on her Success direction in 2009. Poor girl.

Not everyone has to experience this star as a literal Disaster but when you've been 'lying down on the job' or haven't put forth your best efforts in the year leading up to a Disaster year then this is how it will play out for you as it has for Jessica.

Barack Obama had the Disaster Star on his Success direction last year but his best selling book, all his political networking, and clever marketing made 2008 a year of transformation for him.

What's even worse for Jessica is that the Robbery Star is on her Relationship direction. For her this means that people may not be willing to spend their money on her movies, music and concerts as they have in the past. It may even mean that she loses some contracts or business deals this year like the photo shoot she was supposed to do for Self Magazine.

What's even more interesting is that the Fame Star is center stage for the whole world this year meaning that people in entertainment will be in the spotlight. And there you have it. She's certainly been in the spotlight the last 2 weeks.

If Jessica uses her feng shui remedies it will help dampen these negative stars down for her this year. She will also have to step up to the plate and learn her lyrics if she wants people to take her seriously as an artist.
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