Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Allen Stanford's Disappearance

Another wealthy financier swindles people out of billions. Too bad that line has become cliche'.

Allen Stanford didn't run a hedge fund. Instead he conned people into believing his CDs could generate unbelievably high returns and people believed him. Have we not learned yet that 'if it sounds too good to be true it probably is'? I'm beginning to question people's intelligence lately when it comes to finances.

But that's really not even the worst part. Now he's disappeared and no one can find him. Plus his feng shui is on his side this year.

Despite having the Conflict Star on his Success he has the fabulous New Beginnings Star on his Relationships and the Windfall Star on his Wisdom. This combination can mean that he gets a brilliant insight and convinces people who don't really know him but like his ideas to help him stay hidden from the world.

It wouldn't even be surprising if he conviced wealthy people or officials in the country he's hiding in that he can make them money. With the feng shui he has this year he can be quite convincing.

It may not be that difficult either since in addition to having U.S. citizenship he's also a citizen of Antigua/Barbuda. The funny thing is that if he's hiding out on one of these Caribbean Islands it would be the right place for him this year. These two islands are on the Eastern most side of the Caribbean string, right where the Robbery Star sits this year.

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