Saturday, February 7, 2009

Tough Year for Jessica Simpson

First she was in the spotlight about her weight gain. Now she's in the spotlight for forgetting lyrics at a concert in Michigan and asking the band to start one song over again.

Expect more of this for Jessica this year because the Disaster Star sits smack on her Success direction in 2009. Poor girl.

Not everyone has to experience this star as a literal Disaster but when you've been 'lying down on the job' or haven't put forth your best efforts in the year leading up to a Disaster year then this is how it will play out for you as it has for Jessica.

Barack Obama had the Disaster Star on his Success direction last year but his best selling book, all his political networking, and clever marketing made 2008 a year of transformation for him.

What's even worse for Jessica is that the Robbery Star is on her Relationship direction. For her this means that people may not be willing to spend their money on her movies, music and concerts as they have in the past. It may even mean that she loses some contracts or business deals this year like the photo shoot she was supposed to do for Self Magazine.

What's even more interesting is that the Fame Star is center stage for the whole world this year meaning that people in entertainment will be in the spotlight. And there you have it. She's certainly been in the spotlight the last 2 weeks.

If Jessica uses her feng shui remedies it will help dampen these negative stars down for her this year. She will also have to step up to the plate and learn her lyrics if she wants people to take her seriously as an artist.
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