Friday, February 13, 2009

Will Lance Armstrong Win Tour de France?

I joined Twitter a few weeks ago and found athlete Lance Armstrong tweeting there. It's been interesting reading his posts about his training and surprise visits from Anti-doping control.

With the Tour de France just a few short months away (July 4 -26) I thought I'd take a look at Armstrong's feng shui and see what his possibilities lie ahead for him.

July is a tricky month for him because the Flying Stars for the month match the Flying Stars for the year. That means his feng shui energy on his Success, Health, Relationships and Wisdom is double at that time.

This year Lance has the Conflict Star on his Success direction meaning that he's likely to get flack from his competitors even more this year than usual. People who do not like him or support him will be especially harsh in July. Expect name calling and more doping accusations to be hurled his way this month.

The Conflict Star on his Success may also mean that someone throws a monkey wrench into his efforts to win the Tour de France this year either before or during the race.

Another area you want to look at when you're looking at athletes is their Health direction. Lance has the Illness Star on his Health this year meaning he will need to rest more this year. During July the Illness energy doubles which could indicate unforseen health problems that come to the surface around race time or an injury that could prevent him from performing as well as he'd like.

If you know Lance tell him to go here to get his feng shui cures and activations ...the sooner the better.
Hard work, unwavering vision and drive are certainly important. But they only make up 33% of your overall luck. Feng shui is another 33% of your luck and when you know how to work with it you can increase your odds of success.

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