Thursday, February 12, 2009

How did SHE Get Picked?

If you're an American Idol addict like me you saw the baffling choice of contestants selected for this season's show.

The choice that got everyone's attention was the judges' decision to pass on Jamal Rogers, Danny Gokey's best friend, and instead go for Nick Mitchell (aka Norman Gentle the lounge lizard).

Even worse was the thumbs up given to Tatiana Del Toro the highly annoying contestant everyone has come to love to hate in two short weeks.
What were the judges thinking? Well, ratings are a factor so that probably had something to do with it.

But feng shui played a role, too. Looking at Nick Mitchell's feng shui I can see that he has the Long-term Abundance Star on his Success direction this year and the Relationship Star on his Relationship direction. This is a fabulous combination for career, networking, marriage and even signing long-term contracts. Even if he doesn't make the top 12 someone will offer him a great opportunity this year.

How about Jamar Rogers. Well, his feng shui is not so lucky this year. He has the Robbery Star on his Success and what's even more interesting is that people are saying he was 'robbed' last night in the final judging. Funny how the words show up to reflect the feng shui.

Jamar also has the Disaster Star on his Relationship direction meaning his friendships are likely to change this year and people may not be as supportive of him as he'd like. In this case the judges didn't support him.

Danny Gokey, Jamar's best friend, did make it through. He has the Conflict Star on his Success this year but the Career Star on his Relationship direction. He could easily be in the top 12 but there may be some controversy that comes up for him.

And then there's Tatiana. I couldn't find her exact date of birth but did find her age. If my calculation is right then she has the Windfall Star on her Success direction. I think we'd all agree that this is probably what kicked in for her this week.

She has the Illness Star on her Relationship direction which usually means that you have to work harder at your relationships or that your relationships wear you down. I think in her case she'll be wearing us down!

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