Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Fire and Ice This Winter

Of course there's massive snow in the Northeast. Anyone familiar with Flying Stars feng shui could see this coming.

Dec. 7 through Jan. 5 the Water Star is in the Northeast. This time of year (winter) means the water will be in the form of snow and ice. The peak of this cycle was Dec. 22, just after the winter storms hit the Northeastern part of the United States.

Next month the Water Star will be in the South meaning that the Southern states (Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma) could experience greater snowfall than usual particularly since the Disaster Star is in the South from Feb. 2008 until Feb. 2009. Watch for news of major pileups and other disasters in that part of the country.

This also happens to be the time of year for flu outbreaks. The Illness Star for the year is in the Northwest but the monthly Illness Star is in the South. The outbreaks may begin in the South this month but be stronger in the Northwestern states (Washington, Oregon, Idaho)next month when the Robbery Star lands there to combine with the Illness Star leaving people feeling 'robbed' of their health.

High fevers are a worry from Jan. 6 to Feb. 3 for people living in the Northwest, too, because the Robbery/Illness Star combo creates fire energy and the NW represents the head. Fire in the head indicates high fevers.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Disasterous events indicated through feng shui

Two prominent children appeared in the news this week. First, Caylee Anthony’s body found in the woods near her home and a few days later Adam Walsh’s killer identified. There is a feng shui link that these two children share.

First let’s look at Adam Walsh. This little boy was 6 years old when he was taken from a mall in Miami, FL and murdered by Ottis Toole. When I looked at the birthdays of Adam and Ottis I found that they both have the exact same energy number.

Back in 1981, the year Adam was killed he and Ottis both had Conflict stars on their relationship direction for the year. The month Adam was murdered he an Ottis both had Disaster stars on their Relationship direction. This combination of conflict and disaster energy ended up sealing both Adam and Ottis fate that July.

When you have conflict and disaster on your relationship direction at the same time it usually means a big argument or blow up of some kind. This energy can bring an end to a relationship and even though Adam didn’t know Ottis the kidnapping created a relationship between them – one that turned deadly.

Caylee Anthony has a different energy number than her mother yet they both have personal feng shui that when combined paints a picture.

Caylee’s relationship direction has an Illness star on it for 2008. The Illness star is also associated with Mother energy and since it was on her relationship direction it indicates Caylee would have an unhealthy relationship with her mother this year.

Casey Anthony, Caylee’s mother, has a Disaster star on her Relationship direction meaning something disasterous could happen with one of her relationships. The way this played out for her was the death of her daughter.

During the month that Caylee was killed she had a Conflict Star on her relationship direction. This Conflict star for the month with the Illness star for the year creates what’s called bullfight sha or arguments.

That same month Casey Anthony had the Windfall star on her relationship direction indicating something disasterous would happen to her relationships out of the blue. Looking at Caylee and Casey’s energy at that time I would guess that if Casey did kill her daughter it’s likely that it was in a fit of rage and this rage sent her over the edge unexpectedly resulting in her daughter’s death.

But why would Caylee’s body and Adam Walsh’s killer both be discovered at the same time this past week? For that we can look at the feng shui energy for the state of Florida.

For the year Florida has the Fame star on it meaning that events that happen here will bring national or international attention sometime during the year. Both Caylee and Adam Walsh’s cases are certainly high profile events.

The timing of the discovery of Caylee and the identification of Adam’s killer has to do with the Windfall star landing in the SE during December. This star means that some unexpected event will happen out of the blue. Caylee Anthony’s body was discovered unexpectedly in the woods by a utility worker and the news that Adam Walsh’s killer had been positively identified also came unexpectedly.

Most people think that feng shui is about decorating your home. But the more you know about feng shui energy the more you can use it as a tool for other things, like explaining past events and being aware of future challenges and opportunities.

Friday, December 12, 2008

How December's feng shui can affect you

December's Flying Stars are more balanced than last month, but is still on the yin side. The bagua above shows the feng shui energy and locations for December.

The guas (or squares) that will affect you the most are those that are tied to your Personal Best Directions, the one where your bedroom is located, the one where your office is located and the one where your main door is located.

The challenging guas and beneficial guas are more even this month. But it's still more of a yin (passive energy) month.

If you draw an outline of your office or home floor plan and then put a tic-tac-toe symbol over it you will have the bagua for your building. (There's actually a little more to it than this but in general this will work for you.) Once you have this you can label the directions so you know which energy will affect the different guas of your office or home.

The easiest way to activate the positive guas is to keep these areas busy. Have the kids play here, hold meetings in this area of your office and if your front door is in a positive gua that will stir up the energy, too.

You can reduce the effects of the negative guas by keeping these areas quiet. If possible, don't use these areas at all because the more activity you have here the more you will stir up the energy that will create the challenges you see here in the chart.

For example, if your main door is in the Southeast try to use it as much as possible this month to attract an unexpected opportunity or windfall. If your front door is in the Southwest it's better if you use a different door to come and go from your home or business to avoid losing money or having people steal from you.

An easier way to activate the beneficial guas and cure the negative ones is to place your feng shui activations and cures. That way you don't have to worry about whether you need to be in or avoid certain rooms each month.

You can get your feng shui cures and activations each month in my Time Feng Shui for 2008 subscription.

"Yesterday our fountain finally arrived (the one for this month's wealth cure). It was the final cure we were missing for November. All three of us put the fountain together yesterday evening and this morning I placed the quartz crystal on it. Later in the morning we had a major sale for my husband and this evening for me. THANKS!" ---Tania F., Asheville, NC

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bad Timing for Christian Slater

Do you remember the post I made on Oct. 16 saying that Christian Slater's new t.v. show, My Own Worst Enemy, wouldn't be successful because of the timing of his Flying Stars for the month?

Well, I found this article about his show this week on TVSeriesFinale.com:
"Though it was promoted ad nauseum during the coverage of the Summer Olympics, NBC could find few friends for their My Own Worst Enemy series. The TV show has been cancelled after airing just four episodes."

Just goes to show you that timing can be everything. Make sure you have your timing down by picking the right date for your next important event here: http://www.palmbeachfengshui.com/catalog/item/5137279/6429776.htm

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Airport Robbed by Flying Stars

Did you happen to hear about the anti-government protesters that partially shut down the Bangkok airport last week? It was kind of an obscure article on the CNN News this week but what made it jump out at me was the fact that an aviation expert said that this protest was another of the long list of problems that had plagued the terminal since it opened 2 years ago. Apparently it almost collapsed when it opened and there’s a laundry list of other really horrendous issues with the airport that never seems to end.

For me that screamed BAD FENG SHUI, especially since these problems have been going on since the beginning. So I had to look at the layout of the terminal and the administration building. Thank goodness for Google maps because they make it really easy for me to do this kind of work.

As it turns out the building and terminal face about NNE and since it was built in 2006 that puts a Robbery star on Relationships and health and another one on money.

Whenever I go to a clients house that has this combination on it I know that money has been a real struggle for them and that their marriage is on the brink of divorce because the double robbery star robs you of everything money, relationships, health, friends – pretty much whatever you can think of this combination steals it right out from under you.

So that’s what’s happening with the Bangkok airport too and you want to know the worst part about it? This combination is pretty much impossible to cure. You can reduce its effects but its robbery will continue to steal from you as long as you live or work there –just to a lesser degree. The best solution is to move or to hire a contractor and move your door to a better location.

If you happen to know anyone in administration at the Bangkok airport tell them my advice is to move their front door. If they could turn the entire airport that would be even better but that ain’t happenin’ I’m sure.

This also brings up another point. If you’re looking to move to a new home or into a new office make sure you get the Flying Stars feng shui checked out on it FIRST because if they’re bad, like the Bangkok airport, then you’re pretty much screwed from day one.

The reason I’m being so blunt is that I’d rather see you make the right decision from the start than make a bad decision and have to try to fix it later.

I do LOTS of distance consultations for business people looking for new offices so I can help you out with this. Just go to my website: http://www.palmbeachfengshui.com/ and click on Feng Shui Consultations to find out more about it.

Southern Exposure

For the past several weeks I've noticed more and more businesses closing up shop in the strip malls around town. The other thing I've noticed is that the majority of the stores that have closed their doors have front doors that face south. Why is that? Well, this year the Disaster Star sits in the south and this star is associated with unexpected upheaval, bankruptcy, and in the case of a business it can mean the end of your business/closure.

I drove by several strip malls that had stores facing different directions and while there were stores that had gone out of business in all the directions between 60 and 75% of the stores that had closed in each strip mall faced south.

Now, if you have a business with a door that faces south does that mean you're going to go bankrupt? Of course not, but in a year when the Disaster Star sits on your front door the odds go way up.

There is a feng shui solution for this Star along with the other negative Stars (Illness, Conflict and Robbery). When you remedy the Disaster Star it dampens it's impact by about 80 percent and oftentimes it can result in a positive transformation for you and/or your business.

Don't let negative feng shui stars control your life. Sign up for Time Feng Shui for 2008 here and get all the right feng shui remedies so you can take charge of your success. Remember to put your December Time Feng Shui activations and cures in place this Sunday, Dec. 7.