Saturday, February 7, 2009

A-Rod and Steroids

Alex Rodriguez, star baseball player, was accused of steroid use this week after claiming publicly that he never used them. Apparently a random drug test from 2003 proved otherwise.

Back in 2003 A-Rod had a Conflict Star on his Health direction and the Long-term Abundance Star on his Wisdom direction. For him this combination created a health decision that would create problems for him in the long run. It caught up to him this week and it's no wonder it happened this year.

In 2009 Alex has the Conflict Star on his Relationship direction. This means that people will create challenges for him whether it be friends, family, teammates, sponsors or drug testing officials. This star will affect him all year long whether he likes it or not.

On top of that this month isn't even the worst of it for him though it may cause problems with any contracts he's signed or was about to sign. In July the conflict energy doubles for him then doubles again in November. In fact the spotlight could be particularly strong in November.

If he uses his Time feng Shui cures and activations ( he could put the brakes on this energy and make his life easier.

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