Sunday, March 1, 2009

Where are Corey Smith & Marquis Cooper?

News came out today that 29 year old Detroit Lions Defensive Back Corey Smith and 26 year old Oakland Raiders Linebacker Marquis Cooper went on a fishing expedition in Florida on Saturday and never returned. They were with two other people.

Though search parties are looking for them chances are that they may not be found. Seas swelled to 7 feet Saturday night and they were only in a 21 foot boat.

This is a really bad year for Corey and Marquis to be on the water. Corey's Health direction and Marquis' Relationship direction both have the Disaster Star on it this year and that disaster is directly tied in to water. Anything water related this year including fishing and boating could mean death for both men.

The Disaster Star is the worst possible star in feng shui and it's not one you want to mess around with, especially if it's on your Health, Relationship, Success or Wisdom direction. This star brings transformation through upheaval, divorce, financial catastrophe, or even death.

In fact this star was on Casey Anthony's Relationship direction last year when her daughter, Caylee Anthony, died. A double Disaster Star was on John Travolta's Relationship direction when his son Jett died in January 2009.

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