Sunday, March 22, 2009

Billionaire Cosmonaut

Dr. Charles Simonyi, a U.S. billionaire who helped create Microsoft, is headed to space for a second time in two years. Dr. Simonyi will be spending 2 weeks in outer space for the not-so-small price tag of $35 million.

His personal feng shui is perfectly aligned with his career, his interest in space and even with Russia as his doorway into his astronaut vacations. Charles' personal feng shui energy number (called the Kua number) and Wisdom direction are associated with technology which makes his success with Microsoft a natural fit for him.

His Success direction is tied in to the planets and the stars which is why he has been interested in being an astronaut since he was a kid. In fact, when he was 13 he represented his home country of Hungary as a junior cosmonaut and won a trip to Moscow to meet one of the first Soviet spacemen.

And then there's his Relationship direction which is geographically tied to Russia making it the ideal country for him to turn to to fulfill his dreams of space adventure.

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