Thursday, March 19, 2009

Natasha Richardson's Passing

While skiing this week with her son at the Mont Tremblant ski resort in Canada Natasha Richardson took a fall during a ski lesson for beginners. She returned to her hotel complaining of a headache and was later taken to the hospital where she died yesterday.

It's a very sad story for an injury that medical doctors said should have been easy to resolve. However, sometimes recovery is not our destiny as was the case for Natasha Richardson.

You see, Natasha Richardson's health direction has the Disaster Star on it this month. Her health direction is also associated with the head indicating that injuries to the head were possible this month. And because the Disaster Star is the densest of all the negative stars it can also mean death as a result of head injury.

In addition to this Natasha has the Illness Star on her relationships for the year and this month she had the Windfall Star there. Windfalls are usually positive opportunities that come from out of the blue but when paired with a negative star it can mean the energy of that star affects you from out of the blue. With the Illness star there it mean illness from out of the blue.

Sadly, Natasha's Relationship direction is also tied to children and her out of the blue injury took place while she was on vacation with her son.

Could Natasha have prevented her death if she had known this information? Quite possibly because knowledge is power and knowing how to remedy these stars could just as easily have turned her death into a minor injury. If she had known a serious head injury could result in her death because of her personal feng shui she could have a) put up the feng shui remedy to reduce the energy of this star and b) worn a helmet while skiing.

We're in an age where ancient wisdom is no longer hidden. It's available if you know where to look and when you have this information you help to shape your future rather than be swept away by it.

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