Monday, June 1, 2009

Will Sotomayor Be Our Next Supreme Court Justice?

Initially when President Obama announced his choice of Federal Judge Sonia Sotomayor as our next Supreme Court Justice there was a loud round of applause. She's a woman, she's Hispanic, she came from a disadvantaged home and has become quite successful. All the things we're now looking for in our politically correct society.

But after a day or two abortion advocates complained that she may be inclined to overturn Roe v. Wade while Republicans complained that Sotomayor's comment back in 2001 about being better able to make legal decisions than her priviledged white male counterparts. It seems she struck nerves on both sides of the political table.

But what does her feng shui say about her chances of gaining a seat on the most prestigious legal panel in the country?

Sonia is a middle aged woman and this year middle aged women are in the spotlight whether it's for better or for worse.

But the feng shui Flying Stars that will affect her more are her Wisdom and Relationship Stars this year and 2009 is not that great for her. On her Wisdom direction she has the Conflict Star. This means decisions she's made in the past and even now will create friction from people around her. Even if she's been right or is right, people are going to give her a hard time about her opinions and decisions.

On her Relationship direction she has the Illness Star which makes it harder for her to connect with people whether they know her already or not. When this feng shui Star is on you it means you have to work harder at making your Relationships go smoothly.

What's even more challenging is that the feng shui Stars on her Wisdom and Relationship directions in June and July make the feng shui energy even worse for her. Looking at these two directions the odds of Sotomayor getting confirmed are slim.

Even when I look at her Success direction it doesn't look good. If her confirmation hearings are held in June she won't get confirmed unless her Destiny and Human Luck are really fabulous. The reason for this is that she has the feng shui Robbery Star working against her career that month.

So that makes 3 really bad feng shui Stars for June. You only have 4 good directions and when 75% of them are working against you it's better to lay low. Alternatively you can put up your feng shui remedies and make a month like this go much more smoothly for you but I still wouldn't recommend that you change jobs with feng shui stars like this.

July is slightly better because she has a double Windfall Star on her Success direction that month which can mean you get what you want out of the blue. Because that energy is so strong and that month is also doubly good for middle aged women to get promoted she could more easily get the Supreme Court nod if the hearings are delayed until then.

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Wolfred Wanch said...

I think her qualification should been the most important factor, I believe that America is reaching a stage where every group social want to be the priority. America is becoming to sensitive that will have a negative impact one on the democratic system, and free speech is in danger.
Sotomayor will the next suprem court justice