Tuesday, June 2, 2009

California's Still Got Checks So Where's the Money?

Well I think it's official. The only group worse at running money than hedge fund managers is the State of California. They're not just broke they're so far in the hole they may actually reach China soon.

Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said California's government needs to become more efficient and learn to provide services for less. Hhmmm...that sounds so familiar. I believe this has been the mantra of most Americans for the past year so it seems that California has been a little slow to figure out that their bills exceed their income. Reminds me of the guy who told me his wife believed that as long as she had checks in the checkbook there must be money.

But it's quite possible that even if the budget had been well managed that California would still be in a bind. That's because the feng shui of the state is not great this year.

The feng shui Illness Star sits on the capitol of California this year. The Illness Star on people usually means health problems but on businesses and governments it means anemic finances so you have to work harder to make the numbers work and to bring in revenue. What's even more challenging is that the energy of the Illness Star will double in July making it even harder for California to resolve it's budget problem.

The State has other feng shui Flying Stars working against it as well. The Robbery Star sits in the area of government this year meaning local, state and national governments all over the world are being 'robbed' of tax revenue. As it happens the Robbery Star also sits on California's Success direction and guess what? The energy of these Stars double in July too.

Between the Illness Star on California, the Robbery Star on government and the Robbery Star on California's Success direction it's no wonder that this state is experiencing more problems than others around the country. And it's going to get worse before it gets better that's for sure.

California's citizens are not going to sit idley by and allow the government to cut their social services, access to their parks or access to education either. That's because the Disaster Star sits on California's Relationship direction meaning there's going to be a battle - a battle from the people receiving help from the state, a battle from the people who are being taxed to provide the services and a battle in getting aid from the Federal government to help out as well.

The Disaster Star does create havoc but it also brings about transformation. So the way the state has done business in the past is going to have to be overhauled in order to move forward and in the end it will be better for everyone. But it won't be easy and people aren't going to appreciate it that's for sure.

It's amazing how feng shui Flying Stars can give you so many clues about what opportunities and challenges lie ahead from year to year and month to month. What's more is that feng shui Flying Stars, unlike other ancient tools like astrology, gives you remedies for bad Stars and activations for positive Stars so that you can create the best possible energy to navigate your life.

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