Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Feng Shui Conflict Over Airplanes This Month

First the swine flu outbreak in Mexico sends the travel industry into a tailspin leaving travellers to wonder if flying in an enclosed airplane with potentially sick companions is such a good idea.

Then yesterday the White House sent a Boeing 747 over New York City for half an hour in an unannounced photo op for the FAA scaring the citizens of New York and angering Mayor Bloomberg.

It's all to be expected this month because the center gua (which sets the global feng shui 'theme' for the month) holds the Conflict Star and the Star associated with flying. That means arguments, disagreements, lack of communication and even confusion when it comes to flying.

Feng Shui Flying Stars is a fabulous tool that gives you excellent clues about what is possible any given year and any given month. What's even better about this type of feng shui is that unlike horoscopes there are remedies for bad feng shui Flying Stars and activations for good feng fhui Flying Stars. The other difference is that you can get specific predictions for yourself based upon your feng shui energy number.

Keep your feng shui energy positive each month and find out what's in store for you by subscribing to http://www.timefengshui.com/.

As Holly in Ohio says, "It's the best few dollars I've spent in a long time!"

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