Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good Guy Brian Dawkins

NFL star Brian Dawkins made a moving gesture this week when fan Dan Leone was fired from his part-time job with the Philadelphia Eagles, Dawkin's old team. Dawkins has since signed with the Denver Broncos.

Dan criticized the Eagles for letting Dawkins leave the Eagles and was let go from his part-time job as a seasonal game day employee. When Dawkins heard about it he gave Dan his tickets to the Broncos/Eagles game that will be played in Philadelphia later this year. A generous gesture from a generous guy.

The feng shui energy on Brian Dawkins' Wisdom direction this year makes him more thoughtful when it comes to other people than usual. That's because he has the Relationship Star energy on his Wisdom direction this year. Following his gut instincts and trusting his inner wisdom will help him connect with people on a much deeper level this year than he is used to experiencing.

His move to the Broncos also shows up in the Transformation Star that sits on his Relationship direction this year, meaning the people he used to be friends with or work with will change this year.

And the Robbery Star sits on his Success direction meaning loss of money through work or even loss of a job which showed up for him as leaving the Eagles.

As you can see feng shui is very dynamic and robust. In addition to using it to create the ideal home and office space you can use it to see what your future has in store for you and plan ahead.

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