Friday, April 24, 2009

Philip Markoff's Bizarre Feng Shui

This week the news of a deadly killer using Craig's List to find his victims tormented the residents of New England. The police identified a clean cut medical student as the suspected criminal/murderer in these cases shocking his school, his friends and his unsuspecting fiance.

What's even more puzzling is that Philip Markoff (notice the similarity to Madoff in the name?) has a great feng shui Flying Stars working for him this year. It's the Star of New Beginnings on his Relationship direction. He was planning to get married this year which ideally suits the energy of this Star.

This Star can also introduce new people into your life, like the victims of his crimes. It's unfortunate that he presumably chose to use the Star's energy this way because it could have been used in a very positive way for him this year.

But I think what tripped Philip up was the energy of 3 other feng shui Flying Stars and those are the Illness Star, Power Star and the Conflict Star. Here's what I see happening for him with these Stars.

First, the Illness Star is on his Health direction meaning he is more prone to mental, emotional and physical illness this year. Whenever the Illness Star is on your Health any disease you already have (whether diagnosed or not) is going to become more prominent to show you it needs attention. On top of that this month the Disaster Star combined with the Illness Star on his Health making it the prime opportunity for his illness to get noticed.

So far experts who have talked about Philip have said he displays all the usual signs of a serial killer. He probably displayed them before but the Illness/Disaster Star combination made these characteristics shine.

Next he has the Conflict Star on his Success direction. That means getting into arguments with people at work or experiencing roadblocks in your career.

We know that he also had a gambling problem. When you have an addiction like this it can be considered your career. We also know that the police think he beat his victims and killed the last one to steal money for his gambling debts which created obstacles for him this year and probably even arguments with those he owed money (you think)?

And finally he has the Power Star on his Wisdom direction. This Star is usually beneficial bringing about unexpected opportunities or windfalls but if you're power hungry and you want to show someone who's boss it can lead to destruction. Kind of like the police beating a guy to death for an expired driver's license. This month that Star's energy doubled and it looks like Philip used it to take his anger about his gambling problem out on these unsuspecting women.

It's sad that these women had to suffer at the hands of this man and it's just as fortunate that the police have been able to easily find so much evidence linking him to these crimes.

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