Monday, April 13, 2009

Captain Phillips' Rescue at Sea

Captain Richard Phillips is being hailed as a hero for his daring attempts to escape the Samoli pirates at see this past week. A combination of Navy expertise and sheer determination gained the Captain his freedom yesterday to the cheers of everyone I know and the relief of his family and friends.

I don't have the exact date of Capt. Phillips birth so I can't comment on his personal feng shui but I can tell you that opportunity for disaster on the high seas is much greater this year and especially for middle aged men like the Captain.

That's because the Disaster star sits in the area of the feng shui ba gua designated for water. It also happens to be the area tied to middle aged men and the middle son of the family.

Less than two months ago we saw another ocean disaster when two professional football players and their friends went out on a fishing trip and never returned. The boat capsized in heavy seas and one of the guys chose to stay with the boat. He was rescued three days later while the others have never been found.

I believe the reason Capt. Phillips experienced better fate than this is that this month there is a very favorable star sitting in the north with the Disaster star. Because of this the energy of the Disaster star is reduced considerably. That in combination with the Captain's sheer will to get free worked to his benefit.

But there are some months when incidents like this and accidents on the water will not turn out as well. July is one of those months so if you are planning a boating trip, a cruise or you know someone who works on the water tell them to take extra precautions in July.

Another precaution to take is getting your feng shui remedies in place because they will create more positive energy around you. You can sign up for your remedies here:

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