Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's Not Always Fun to be Right

If you heard my Feng Shui Outlook for 2009 earlier this year one of the first things I talked about on the call was the increased possibility for fires, bombings, volcanic activity, plane crashes and earthquakes. The reason for this is the feng shui energy that sits at the heart of the planet for the year.

Since the new Feng Shui year began in February 2009 we've seen new volcanic activity in Japan and Alaska and increased activity in areas like Chile and other countries along the belt known as 'The Ring of Fire.'

We've also experiened more earthquakes with the most recent one occurring in L'Aquila, Italy but others have occured in Costa Rica, Indonesia and stronger quakes in California than usual.

The number of plane crashes has also been high. The most heroic of these was Capt. Sully's brilliant landing on the Hudson while the others ended tragically. There have been 17 plane crashes this year which is about 20% higher than this same period last year.

Fires occur year after year, particularly during the dry season but this year the fires will be even more devastating because they are more likely to impact on homes and families. The fires burning in Central Oklahoma are a perfect example of this.

The challenge is that the closer we get to July the more we will see this activity increase.

You don't have to sit back and watch as all of this goes on around you. In addition to using common sense strategies like having fire insurance, putting your valuable possessions like family photos in fire proof containers you can use feng shui remedies.

Feng shui represents 1/3 of your total luck and you have the ability to control its affect on you. Get your Time Feng Shui activations and remedies for 2009 and take charge of your life at

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