Saturday, April 25, 2009

Can You Feng Shui to Ward off Pandemic Flu?

Every year there are new feng shui Flying Stars that affect all of us. The position of these stars paint a picture of what possibilities, opportunities and challenges lie ahead for us in the coming year.

About every 90 years the position of the Stars and feng shui elements (water, wood, metal, earth and fire) repeat themselves. When this happens you can look back to see what happened the last time this Flying Star/feng shui element combination occurred to give you an blueprint for what is possible again.

The last time we had the Flying Star/feng shui element combination we have now in 2009 was back in 1919. At that time one of the biggest challenges facing the world was the pandemic flu that killed more people than died in World War I.

It is the fear of another '1919 pandemic' that has world governments and World Health Organization worried about the Swine Flu these past couple of days. If you've done any reading on the government's preparation for another pandemic it's quite alarming. I won't go into that here because it's not the purpose of this article.

What I can talk about is the feng shui and what you can do about it.

Lots of people who read my articles are already practicing classical feng shui so what I'm about to say may seem over simplified. But more and more people reading this blog are not familiar with feng shui or only have a basic understanding of it so I would rather spell everything out than talk over your head and leave you out of the loop.

First, Feng Shui Masters consider life to be made up of 3 types of luck:
1. 33% is Heaven Luck - which is your destiny or fate. They believe this cannot be changed (tho Edgar Cayce and some other spiritual masters have said you can with hard work).

2. 33% is Human Luck - this includes your talents and skills and how YOU choose to apply them. It also includes your friends, family and other relationships. Your Human Luck is under your control and it's up to you how to apply it.

3. 33% is Earth Luck - Your Earth Luck is your environment, the country, state, city and neighborhood you live in and even the home you chose to live in. It also includes your feng shui.

Where you live and whether you choose to create an environment that supports you (your feng shui) is up to you as well.

So that leads us back to the current concern over a possible pandemic flu. Knowing that you have control over your environment you can use feng shui in combination with your Human Luck to support you in any situation.

In the case of a pandemic flu using your Human Luck would include taking care of yourself, eating foods that are healthy, drinking plenty of fluids, washing your hands, resting when you are not feeling well, having supplies on hand for possible illness whether that be homeopathic or over the counter remedies and staying away from people who are sick. You may have other ideas as well.

Additionally, use your personal protection meditation. Your body, like everything else on the planet, has an energy field around it. Use your personal protection meditation to help strenthen that energy field.
So that takes care of 33% of your luck.

Your feng shui remedies include identifying where the Illness Star is in your home and office for the year and where it is each month as well (there are both yearly and monthly Illness Stars). Once you know where those areas are make sure you place your feng shui remedies in those areas of your home and office to reduce the energy of this Star.

If you have a chronic illness, especially if it's not well controlled, DO NOT sleep or work in the area where the Illness Star is located as this could make your situation worse. Move to another room temporarily.

If your front door is where the Illness Star is located DO NOT use your front door. Come and go from the garage or back door instead. Most homes and office buildings have more than one door so take advantage of it even if it's a minor inconvenience.

The other Star you want to watch out for is the Disaster Star. This is the most dense (think school yard bully) Star and is not one you want to mess with. Do not sleep or work in rooms that have the Disaster Star on it. Do not use the door where the Disaster Star is located to come and go from your home or office.

And of course, get your feng shui remedy in place to reduce the energy of this Star. You cannot eliminate its energy completely but you can cut it back significantly and in my book that's a million times better than doing nothing at all.

Most people only think about their Human Luck but when you use feng shui PLUS your Human Luck you gain greater control over any situation in your life, including your health. Would you rather take charge of 33% of your life or 67%? Think about it.

You can get your feng shui remedies for the Illness and Disaster Stars as well as your activations for the positive feng shui Stars here and I'll even show you how to find the right places to put them:

The reason you want to get your feng shui remedies and cures up NOW and not when disaster strikes is that feng shui works in cycles of 9. About 80% of you will experience the benefits of their feng shui activations within 9 weeks.

In 9 weeks we will be in the worst month of the year for Illness and Disasters because in July the yearly and monthly Disaster and Illness Stars come together meaning their energy doubles. Normally you do not see flu outbreaks in summer but the Swine flu may be different because we're just hearing about it and it's the end of April, well past the usual winter flu season.

If you want to prepare your environment and create the best possible feng shui for you and your family and even co-workers I would recommend that you get your Flying Star remedies and cures up now rather than waiting until July. If that makes sense to you then go here to get them now:

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