Saturday, April 18, 2009

Andy Roddick Gets Married but Will it Last?

If you haven't heard already tennis star Andy Roddick married his long-time girlfriend and swimsuit model Brooklyn Decker yesterday at his home in Austin, TX. In addition to other celebrity tennis stars attending the ceremony Elton John sang.

Wish I could have been there!

My sister-in-law is getting married later this year and whenever someone is getting married I like to look at the feng shui to see if it supports or hinders the relationship.

If the feng shui is supportive then it's easier to get through the rough times in your marriage.

If the feng shui hinders the relationship then tough times can be really rough and separation or even divorce is more likely down the road.

In Roddick's case he has the feng shui Transformation Star on his Relationship direction this year. This star means that you let go of old relationships and make way for new ones and marriage is certainly a new relationship for him.

The challenge with this star is that it is two-faced and the other face is Disaster. This side of the Star can mean break-ups and in worst case scenarios even the death of someone you know. In fact, Mel Gibson shares the same personal feng shui and is going through a divorce this year.

This month the energy of the Disaster Star is watered down because the monthly feng shui Star is all about long-term commitments. So while it's the perfect month for Andy to get married it's a terrible year for him.

I hate to be a Negative Nancy but given the feng shui this year for Andy's Relationship direction I'd have to say the marriage will not likely go the distance. Next year would have been a tremendously better year for him.

Let's hope his Destiny and Human Luck kick in and turn the bad feng shui around for him.

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