Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Government Says, "Oops" to Stevens

Today the federal government did a 180 on the conviction of former Alaskan Senator Ted Stevens. Stevens was indicted in July 2008 and convicted of not reporting gifts he received from the VECO Corporation. But US Attorney General Eric Holder said the prosocution exhibited serious misconduct and is moving to have the conviction withdrawn.

Wow...I'm not Stevens, don't know him and don't know anyone who does know him but the word 'framed' comes to mind in a big way.

Regardless of what I think I wanted to see what his feng shui says about him.

Stevens had a tough star on his Relationship direction last year, the Illness Star. When you're in the public eye your Relationship star is the one to focus on because this will have the greatest impact on you.

The Illness star on Relationships means you have to try harder to get people to see your point of view, to hear you out and to relate to you. At the time Sen. Stevens was indicted the stars for the month and the year created major stress on relationships which would have made it extremely difficult to buck the charges.

Then in October he was convicted and at that time the stars created a combination that seriously weakened his career and relationships. Although this put a strain on his ability to win it shouldn't have prevented his attorneys from overcoming the charges. But the government had the Windfall star working for it combined with the Robbery star meaning that they could win by 'stealing' something from the other side.

And that leads us to today's announcement by the US Attorney General. It turns out that what the government did was withhold information from the defense. In a nutshell, they 'stole' information.

The timing of this news ties right in to this year's feng shui too. Stevens has the star of New Beginnings on his Relationship direction this year and this is tied to the Transformation star this month. It certainly is a major transformation that will bring new people into Stevens' life.

The government on the other hand has the Robbery star on it this year meaning they will lose a lot of things this year: money, connection with the public and yes, even lawsuits.

Stay tuned. I'm sure we'll be seeing more stories like this in the coming months.

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