Friday, August 29, 2008

Why McCain and Palin Will Take the White House


As promised in last week's newsletter I ran an analysis on the McCain/Palin ticket as soon as the announcement broke last week. From a feng shui perspective she looks like a good pick. She happens to be a West group person, which is yin (female energy), and McCain is East Group, which is yang (male energy). Since she's female and he's male it's already a good combo from a balance of energy standpoint.

The timing of picking her is excellent. Her Relationship direction is associated with long-term success this month and investing for the long-term. Additionally her Success direction for August is all about creating professional relationships. Because there is an annual Robbery Star on her Relationship direction and a Conflict Star on her Success direction for 2008 she probably wasn't the first choice, but the timing of the decision was definitely in her favor.

At the time of the election she will have the star associated with unexpected windfalls on her Relationship direction, which is positive. However, there is an Illness Star on her Success direction that month that combines with the annual Conflict Star. This creates what's known as "bullfight sha" or fighting energy. In a home it usually means conflict between mother and son but in a career it can mean conflict between a woman and a man. This may mean that she and Obama spend a good amount of time attacking each other up to and during the election. Another interesting combination for her in October is that the Career Star lands in her Wisdom direction which would indicate that she made a good career choice in agreeing to be VP and this will be beneficial to her.

When I look at McCain's personal feng shui directions he also has positive aspects. His Success direction has a double Fame Star for the month of September which indicate he will have an easier time getting public recognition and backing from the public and his party. His relationship has a double Disaster Star on it, though, which can mean that he has trouble with people on his team, within the Republican party or that some news about his relationships causes turmoil.

The energy for his directions at election time are excellent for Success as he has a double long-term abundance star there. Additionally, the Relationship star lands in his Relationship direction that month which can help him generate the support he needs to win the White House.

The negative energy affecting the Obama/Biden ticket seriously cripples their chances of winning particularly given the more positive feng shui energy that the McCain/Palin ticket holds. Now you know why they say, "Timing is everything." Either way our country is about to make history.

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