Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Pandemic Flu - Another Y2K or Future Deadly Reality

There have been a number of articles and information that has come out in the past 18 months on the potential for another worldwide pandemic virus. Government and health officials estimate that between 50 and 100 million people could die if such a deadly virus were to spread. To read more you can click on these links:

Like the Y2K issue the best approach is for us to be proactive. If you meditate, pray or use other spiritual methods to bring peace and prosperity to yourself and the Earth then add a healing component to your daily routine as well.

On top of that, be prepared. One of my Feng Shui and Spiritual Masters gives this advice:
Make sure you have these 2 homeopathic remedies in your home:
1. Gelsenium
2. Eupatorium perfolatum both in 6c or 30c
Use them both alternating and stay in bed when the flue hits you for 5 days

This were the remedies that were used successfully for the pandemic flu in 1918
Instead of 30 to 50 percent dead people from the flu only 1% of the population died in Switzerland.

Also take in bryonia and aconite and drink acid free water.

Is a pandemic the next Y2K? Maybe, but taking steps to be proactive sure beats waiting around to fing out!

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