Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hanging Chads and Feng Shui

A few weeks ago we talked about a type of feng shui called Flying Stars Feng Shui and the feng shui personal best directions of Obama, McCain, Biden and Palin. I wrote that based on the Success and Relationship directions for each of these people and the Flying Stars energy on those directions during the election that feng shui energy of the McCain/Palin ticket is much stronger which would indicate that they would win the election.

If you remember back to last week's article Flying Stars feng shui is great for evaluating upcoming events. In Flying Stars Feng Shui there are 9 Stars. Each Star has it's own unique type of energy and these are:
Career Star - associated with cash flow from your career and academic success
Illness Star - associated with mental, emotional and physical health problems
Conflict Star - associated with lawsuits, arguments, divorce, disagreements, bankruptcy
Relationship Star - associated with networking, partnerships, friendships
Disaster Star - associated with unexpected disasters including major illnesses, accidents, loss of wealth, unforseen trouble, obstacles
Wealth Star - associated with promotions, leadership, unexpected windfalls
Robbery Star - associated with theft, arguments, power struggles, bankruptcy
Long-Term Wealth Star- associated with long-term prosperity, long-term investments, good fortune
Joy Star - associated with recognition, fame, happy marriage

Here are the Success and Relationship directions for the candidates in this year's election:

Obama McCain Biden Palin
Success South SE North West
Relationships SE South East SW

Looking at Obama and McCain's Success and Relationship directions you can see that they mirror each other. This is a very good indication about why they are so close in the polls. The energy for them this year is identical, it's just represented in different areas. If you were to just look at the energy of these two men without taking into consideration their running mates it would be very hard to determine who would win. It's a virtual tie.

That's where Biden and Palin come in to swing the vote. Their directions are different from Obama and McCain and they're different from each other. This creates a clearer image of the election outcome. The best way to look at this is to review the monthly Flying Stars for Nov. 4:

Obama McCain Biden Palin
Success Relationship L/T Wealth Disaster Illness
Relationships L/T Wealth Relationship Robbery Wealth

Obama and McCain have the same energy affecting them for the election but McCain has an edge over Obama this month because the Relationship Star falls on his Relationship direction at the election. This makes him much more attractive to the public at this time. Also, the L/T Wealth Star sitting in his Success direction indicates good fortune for his career.

Although Obama has the same monthly Stars as McCain the fact that they are flipped makes a difference because they're not as strong this way. Additionally, Biden has very negative Stars on his Success and Relationship directions on Nov. 4 indicating disaster as it relates to his career and struggles in his relationships.

Palin's numbers are mixed, but the Illness and Wealth stars are much better than Disaster and Robbery. In fact the Wealth Star indicates and unexpected windfall through her relationships. If the election is decided on Nov. 4 then McCain/Palin will win.

But here's the twist. The past two presidential elections have been extremely close. In fact, you may remember Palm Beach County being the butt of a number of jokes because of the "hanging chad" problems with our voting system. Well, folkes, the problem hasn't been fixed and the last two local elections in Palm Beach County have resulted in double counting votes, losing election ballots and lawsuits over a very close race between two county judges.

If the Presidential election is neck and neck again this year then the winner of the race may not be decided until several days after the actual election. In that case the Flying Stars would be completely different. Beginning Nov. 7 the Flying Stars change to this:

Obama McCain Biden Palin
Success Conflict Robbery Relationship Career
Relationships Robbery Conflict Wealth Disaster

Do you notice how a fight over the election shows up in Obama and McCains Stars for the month? They both have Conflict and Robbery Stars in their directions. Unless the Nov. 4 election is a landslide a fight over the White House will definitely happen.

But the Stars favor Biden over Palin. Biden has the Relationship Star on his Success and the Wealth Star, which is also associated with unexpected windfalls, in his Relationship direction. Palin has a strong Star in her Success direction but her Relationship Star is very challenging. In this scenario, meaning a decision over who wins the White House, Obama/Biden would win because Biden's Stars are much stronger than Palin's at this time.

This information isn't to sway your decision but rather to show you how Flying Stars affect people's lives. By all means vote for the candidates you feel would best lead the country. So few countries allow citizens to have a say in government that we should appreciate and use this priviledge.

At the same time, be aware of how Flying Stars energy is affecting you in your life so that you can determine when to carry out specific plans or events. Now is a great time for you to set up your 4 best directions and apply Flying Stars activations and remedies to enhance your life.

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