Sunday, September 14, 2008

Forensic Feng Shui: Flying Stars and Hurricane Ike

Flying Stars Feng Shui is a great tool for determining the timing of events. In Flying Stars Feng Shui there are 9 Stars. Each Star has it's own unique type of energy and these are:

  1. Career Star - associated with cash flow from your career and academic success
  2. Illness Star - associated with mental, emotional and physical health problems
  3. Conflict Star - associated with lawsuits, arguments, divorce, disagreements, bankruptcy
  4. Relationship Star - associated with networking, partnerships, friendships
  5. Disaster Star - associated with unexpected disasters including major illnesses, accidents, loss of wealth, unforseen trouble, obstacles
  6. Wealth Star - associated with promotions, leadership, unexpected windfalls
  7. Robbery Star - associated with theft, arguments, power struggles, bankruptcy
  8. Long-Term Wealth Star- associated with long-term prosperity, long-term investments, good fortune
  9. Joy Star - associated with recognition, fame, happy marriage
Each one of these stars sits in a specific location for the year. The image in the upper left hand corner shows where these Stars are located in 2008.

Now, in addition to these stars having a fixed location for the year, there are a second set of these same Flying Stars that move each month. So, in reality there are 2 Flying Stars in each location: one that is there for the whole year and another one that changes every month.

For the month of September the chart in the upper right hand corner shows you what the Flying Stars look like with both the annual Flying Stars and the monthly Flying Stars together.

Every year there is one month when the annual Stars and the monthly Stars land in the same location. For 2008 this month is September. When the good Stars, like Long-Term Wealth, Career, Relationship or Wealth double up that means the opportunity to experience the effect of those Stars is much stronger, particularly if you sleep or work in the area of your home or office that holds those Stars.

This month working or sleeping in the NE, East, North, SE or Center of your home or office is ideal. If one of your personal best directions happens to be where these double positive stars land that is beneficial for you, too.

The flip side of this is when the negative Stars double up. That can create major problems for you, particularly if you work or sleep in these areas. If you can avoid working or sleeping in the South, SW, West or NW areas of your home or office this month that would be great.

In any case, you can always activate the positive Stars to trigger their energy even more AND you can remedy the negative Stars to minimize their effects. Whenever you have double negative Stars together, like this month, I always recommend going a little bigger with your remedies because the negative energy of these Stars together is very dense. On the plus side the energy of positive Stars is also very strong so even a small activation can produce very positive results. (Sign up for Time Feng Shui 2008 to get your remedies and activations for the month and year by clicking here.)

The effects of Flying Stars isn't limited to your home or your office. They affect the country and the planet as well. This month we've already seen the effects of the Disaster Star in the South in the form of Hurricane Ike.

If you look at a map of the United States you'll see that the South is made up of New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas and Oklahoma. Because of the double Disaster Star energy in the South this month this areas was ripe for this kind of natural disaster. (By the way, positive and negative Stars usually show up as good weather or bad weather/natural disaster when you're looking at countries.) As it turns out, Ike is expected to move through part of Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas before completely dissapating.

Although Hurricane Ike brought with it mass destruction it will probably result in a transformation of this part of the country, not just in terms of physical aspects like new buildings and homes but also on a deeper level. This is because the Disaster Star brings about a sudden unexpected shift that helps people make changes in their lives that they would not otherwise have pursued but that are beneficial in the long run.

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