Sunday, October 5, 2008

Forensic Feng Shui: OJ Simpson

OJ Simpson was convicted of kidnapping and armed robbery 13 years to the day after his first trial.

When I looked at OJ's best directions and the energy there for 2008 and for 1995 I could see why he was convicted this time and not for the double murders.

OJ Simpson's Success direction is SW. Back in 1995 the Flying Star on his Success direction for the year was Long-Term Abundance. This is a very powerful star on it's own. Additionally, at the time of his conviction the Prosperity Star landed in the SW, too.

This combination of long-term abundance with prosperity meant that no harm could come to him and that he would be assured of success. In this case, successfully winning his trial.

He also had an extremely powerful star combination on his Relationship direction. The annual Relationship star was in the west that year and at his trial the Unexpected Windfall star landed in the west. This means that you're relationships are going to bring you some kind of unexpected benefits.

Between the positive stars in his Success and Relationship directions for the year and for the month there was no way he could lose. In feng shui there is no judgement between right and wrong, there is only energy. And OJ had the best possible energy working for him at that time.

Now, when I look at his energy for 2008 I see something completely different.

This year the Robbery star is in his Success direction and Robbery means a loss of somekind. Interestingly enough, it is also associated with small weapons and Simpson used a gun in his robbery attempt in Las Vegas.

On top of this the monthly Robbery star landed in his Success direction, too. Double Robbery assures you of some kind of loss. And since it is on his Success direction it means losing his court case.

He also has a double Conflict star for the year and for the month in his Relationship direction meaning it is not a time to enter into agreements or try to collaborate on projects. They will just end on a bad note.

This combination of robbery on Success and conflict on Relationships is a lose/lose proposition. There's no way to win...and he didn't. Again, it's not about judgement it's about energy.

Don't let the energy of your best directions control you the way it has OJ Simpson and everyone else. Instead, learn to work with it. You have the ability to enhance the positive energy and eliminate the bad with the right feng shui tools.

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