Thursday, October 16, 2008

Was feng shui his own worst enemy?

Christian Slater, Harvey Keitel and Dennis Hopper are all making career comebacks this year with the start of the new television season.

Christian has been out of the Hollywood scene for about the past 10 years. It was August 1997 when his addictions to drugs and alcohol peaked his problems with the law when he was arrested for an attack on his girlfriend and sentenced to rehab and probation.

At that time his personal feng shui wasn't working in his favor. His Wisdom direction, which is assoicated with learning and making wise decisions for yourself, had an Illness star for the year and a Disaster star for the month of August.

This combination inflates and magnifies health problems (mental, emotional and/or physical) that already exist. The result is that your health can get out of control to the point that you have to face the problem head on and deal with it.

On top of that his Health direction had a Robbery star for the year and a Conflict Star for the month. A Robbery/Conflict combination almost always means legal problems and, as it turns out, Slater was arrested and sentenced for his behavior.

It's no wonder no one wanted to touch him with a 10 foot pole. But time has a way of erasing people's memory --- and changing your feng shui.

This year he has a much better combination working for him with the Fame star on his Wisdom direction, the Leadership star on his Success direction and the Long-term Abundance star on his Relationship direction.

But October is not the best month for his new show, My Own Worst Enemy, to make its debut. This month there is a Disaster Star on his Career and a Robbery Star on his Relationship direction. So while it's a good year for him to make a comeback it's a really bad month to launch his new show. September would have been much better and so would November.

When you know the best timing to launch your new business, products, websites, or even start promotions you have an edge on your success. Learn to work with your best directions so you can get going at the right time rather than letting time be your own worst enemy.

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