Monday, June 2, 2008

Summer with the Kids

My kids finished school for the year last week. While they'll be spending part of their summer in camp they'll also spend their fair share of time at home with me, which means lots of time for them to get on each others nerves. Whenever I approach a potentially challenging situation I always look at what I can do from the Human Luck side of things as well as the Earth Luck side and summer with the kids is no exception.

Obviously, finding activities to keep them busy is a must. We'll be swimming, going to the movies, doing crafts and take trips to the zoo. Those are Human Luck activities. Additionally, I'm being extra vigilant about what the Children/Creativity area of my home looks like by making sure that there is minimal clutter, spending time doing our crafts in the Children area of our home, which happens to be their play room, and making sure that area of our yard is set up for them as well. All of these things are good Earth Luck, or feng shui, strategies for keeping all of us sane this summer.

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