Thursday, January 15, 2009

U.S. Airways Flight 1549 and Feng Shui

Today a U.S. Airways pilot Chelsey Sullenberger made an amazing emergency landing in the Hudson River after birds apparently flew into both engines. Everyone on board was rescued safely and the ex-Navy pilot was rightly hailed a hero.

After reading this story I took a look at the feng shui for the NE part of the country. The feng shui stars for 2009 don't officially land in their new positions until Feb. 4, the first day of spring on the Chinese calendar. But, like the flu, you can feel their effects before they become full blown. This looks like the case for the US Airways flight.

In 2009 the energy called Tai Sui sits in the NE. Tai Sui is associated with law suits, loss of money, health problems and major accidents. A home or office that faces Tai Sui will have a really tough year.

Tai Sui doesn't just affect homes and offices. It also affect the region of the country where it sits. This year that's the NE.

On top of that, this month the Fire Star sits in the NE. The Fire Star is linked to birds and flying.

Looking at this feng shui combination you can see that Tai Sui combined with the Fire Star to create the 'freak' accident on U.S. Airways flight 1549. Even more freaky is the fact that Sullenberger's Success direction is NE meaning that Tai Sui and the Fire Star would affect his career...and it did BIG time.

Fortunately, the yearly Relationship Star is also in the NE right now. This explains how they were able to get help so quickly and save all the passengers.

Yep, feng shui is stranger than fiction....

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