Friday, January 2, 2009

Jett Travolta's Feng Shui

John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s family vacation came to a sad sudden ending today when their son, Jett, died.

Jett had Kawasaki’s Disease which causes inflammation of the heart’s artery walls. This can result in heart problems if left undiagnosed or untreated for too long.

John Travolta talked about his son’s illness on Larry King Live some time ago saying that he thinks Jett contracted this disease when he was very young. John, confessing he may have been overzealous in keeping the house clean, said they had the carpets cleaned regularly. Chemicals in carpet cleaning are suspected to be a possible cause of Kawasaki’s Disease in young children. John told Larry that it’s like having a metallic chemical in your immune system.

I had to look into Jett’s personal feng shui to see if there were any indications of his death this month. There were.

The annual Flying Star on Jett’s Health direction (NW) is the Illness Star. This star is particularly hard on people who have challenging illnesses or diseases that can be life threatening.

In addition to that the Flying Star coming into Jett’s Health direction in January is the Robbery Star. This Star doesn’t officially ‘land’ there until Jan. 5, but its effects can be felt up to 9 days beforehand.

This combination of Illness for the year with Robbery for the month creates fire energy. Fire on your Health direction can mean heart problems and Jett had a heart disease.

Additionally, the Robbery Star is a ‘metal’ element and Jett’s immune system was contaminated with a metallic chemical triggering the negative Illness/Robbery star combo on his health even more. This was a really harsh combination for Jett’s health given his physical condition.

John Travolta’s feng shui indicates that this would be a tough month for his relationships. For the year he has a Disaster Star on his relationships. Most people will experience this as a loss of a friendship, a divorce, or a shifting of the kinds of people you associate with. But this star can also mean death of a friend, colleague or family member. This is the same star Casey Anthony had on her Relationship direction last year.

The Flying Star on John’s Relationship direction for the month is the Illness Star. Combine the Illness Star with the Disaster Star on your Relationships and you can end up with the death of a loved one due to illness. This is unfortunately how it turned out for John Travolta and his family.

Looking at Flying Stars feng shui and your personal feng shui you can get clues about what possibilities lie ahead, both positive and not so positive.

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